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  • transport food
  • keeps food always warm
  • available in two versions
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Product information Gi.Metal Redbox

Redbox - heated box for the delivery service

For many years Gi.Metal has offered a wide range of products for food delivery: Thermal bags, insulated boxes, rigid and semi-rigid boxes are the range for transporting pizza at home. The ambitious project of a heated box was born many years ago, but was not followed through due to the limitations of the technology available at the time.

Recently, Gi.Metal's path crossed with an already existing project: a heated box with excellent technical characteristics. This encounter gave birth to REDBOX, the innovative delivery proposal that guarantees an unmatched quality of the delivered product, as if it were eaten at the restaurant table.

The advantages:

  • DELIVER HIGH QUALITY FOOD: always warm and fragrant.
  • INCREASE THE QUALITY OF YOUR SERVICE: satisfied and loyal customers
  • OPTIMISE YOUR DELIVERY: drive more kilometres and deliver more, increase your radius of action
  • IMPROVE YOUR BUSINESS: earn more, save time and consumables
What makes it special is the heating system inside the box, the circulating air and the thermostat, which keeps the perfect temperature.
The Redbox is available in two sizes:

Redbox 10

  • for up to 10 pizza boxes (33cm x 33cm x 3cm) or 7 pizza boxes (40cm x 40cm x 4cm)
  • Temperature: 65 degrees minimum to 125 degrees maximum
  • 1kW lithium-ion battery with an operating time of 4.5 hours

Redbox 12

  • for up to 12 pizza boxes (33cm x 33cm x 3cm) or 7 cartons (50cm x 50cm x 5cm)
  • Temperature: 65 degrees minimum to 125 degrees maximum
  • 2kW lithium-ion battery with an operating time of 5.5 hours

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Manufacturer "Gi.Metal Accessories"

GI.Metal - high-quality thinking and production in Italy

GI Metal is a traditional Italian company through and through. For 30 years, it has relied on regional production facilities in Tuscany to manufacture its high-quality products. Thanks to the love for every single product, the precise selection of materials and the highly trained employees, GI Metal has risen to become an international company. The quality of GI Metal is appreciated all over the world.
Originality, functionality, innovation and durability
These are the values of GI Metal. The wide range of equipment for the catering industry includes serving and kitchen trolleys, pizza shovels of all shapes and materials, brushes, knives, trays and much more.

GI Metal products are TÜV Süd certified

Gi-Metal in the heart of Tuscany, a project that began over 30 years ago in the small workshop of a blacksmith and has now grown into an industrial company capable of manufacturing and supplying over 600 different products to every corner of the globe. This considerable growth is the result of the company's main focus:
Listening to the needs of our customers, especially at events such as trade fairs, competitions and training courses, which we support and promote through our Palapizza, the dedicated workshop within the company. By listening to the needs of pizza makers and their suggestions, we design and create products that can improve the quality of their work, making it easier and less problematic.
From the testimonies of our customers, we get ideas for new and improved products, which subsequently become standard product lines in the catalogue or customised and exclusive product lines. Gi.Metal is a medium-sized company, but structured with the rules and departments of a larger company, which enables it to organise its internal processes in an efficient way, defining the areas of competence and responsibilities of its employees. In recent years, there has been a considerable increase in production, the result of constant innovation through latest generation machinery and careful management of information flows, such as order processing.
This has improved both in terms of quality and speed. An efficiency that allows us to process complex orders in an average of 3 days, reflecting the great diversity of pizza makers with their always specific but never banal requests. An efficiency that is also the result of the qualified work of motivated and dedicated people in whom we invest with our training courses so that they are able to use the most modern technologies and also work effectively and in a relaxed manner in a group. If you have not worked with us before, we recommend that you make use of our service, and your experience will also confirm these statements. If you are already our client, we thank you for the trust you have placed in us and ask you for any comments on how we can improve further.
From the very beginning, Gi - Metal has only carried out all the production steps internally: from the development of the project to the various production steps. The manufacturing process of Gi.Metal's products follows a continuous and constant cycle of closely related phases. After an initial study phase based on our customers' suggestions and a needs analysis, the design phase begins, where the product first takes shape on paper and then concretely in the factory.
This is where the production phase takes place, where the raw material of tubes and sheets is gradually processed with the use of technologically advanced machines operated by highly qualified and motivated personnel. The ideal combination between operator and machine allows the production of quality products, elaborated to the smallest detail. Products Made in Italy stand for quality, functionality and beauty all over the world. Gi.Metal's professional tools are a valued Italian product, sought after and bought all over the world with the best price/quality ratio on the market.
Finally, the finished product reaches Gi.Metal dealers through an extensive sales force: this is where the sales phase begins, where the product is selected by the end user. The last phase, which is no less important than the others, consists of after-sales service, where we look after our dealers, patiently respond to the needs of the end users, monitor the progress of the salesmen, evaluate the objectives achieved and set ourselves new goals.
This is the phase that revolves around our relationship with the customer, in order to maintain it over time and strengthen the trust that has been built up over time. Trade fairs, events, competitions and training sessions are occasions where the company showcases its brand, expands its influence, establishes partnerships with other companies, has its products tested directly by professionals who use them every day, listens to their needs and offers solutions to their problems. Thus, this is a cycle that never stands still. From the customer and to the customer.

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