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Gastro pizza oven: Valoriani Vesuvio OT, wood and gas, quick assembly, 140cm, wood

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  • simple installation
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After your request you will receive an offer from us by e-mail. We will receive the item approx. 14 days after your order directly from the manufacturer. Subsequent delivery time 2-5 days

Art.Nr.: OT140H


Firing with wood


The hotter the oven, the fresher the ingredients stay on the pizza. With wood, 380 degrees is no problem.


Food from the wood-fired oven has a very special aroma. Eat with all your senses.


Fire is magic. People have been gathering around the fire since time immemorial. It is primal and sociable.


As a renewable raw material, a wood-burning oven does not burden your ecological footprint.

For fast baking success, the Valoriani Vesuvio OT

When fast and cost-effective solutions are required, the Vesuvio OT is the best choice. It can be delivered pre-assembled and is easy to install. The GR series combustion chamber is surrounded by an octagonal sheet metal cladding, treated on the outside with a refractory paint. A sheet metal flap for closing the firebox door is included. The use of the best insulating materials on the combustion chamber and baking surface guarantees optimal functionality of all models. An ideal oven for those looking for high performance and reliability, but without giving up the inimitable characteristics of fireclay, also available with gas firing.

Friends of Vera Pizza

The OT series Vesuvio oven has been designed to be easily moved with a pallet truck or crane arm if necessary. It can be delivered ready assembled on request, provided that the entrance of the room is large enough and there are no stairs to climb. Otherwise, assembly can be done by our assemblers.

The details:

  • Operating costs: about 1 euro/hour for gas. Approx. 2 square meters of wood per month (approx. 200 euros for 250 hours of operation).
  • Baking times: approx. 90 seconds at 500 degrees, 180 sec. at 320 degrees.
  • Tested and approved according to DIN 13229 or gas appliance directive.
  • This wood burning oven is suitable for gastronomic continuous firing.
  • According to Directive 84 / 500 / EEC approved by the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment.

Pizzas per hour:

With an internal dimension of 100cm bake 50 pizzas per hour.
Inner dimension 120 cm: 75 pizzas per hour.
Inner dimension 140 cm: 100 pizzas per hour.
Internal dimension 160 cm: 125 pizzas per hour.
Inner dimension 180 cm: 150 pizzas per hour.

The dimensions:

Internal dimensions 100 cm, 120 cm, 140 cm, 160 cm, 180 cm.


Wood and gas.

With gas firing, the professional Milberg Spitfire gas burner provides a connected load according to the diameter of the oven:
100cm - 120cm: 25kW
120cm - 160cm: 29 kW
from 160cm: 34kW

Assembly and delivery:

delivered as a kit or pre-assembled. The assembly by our professional assemblers can be booked in addition (assembly time 1 - 2 days).

Test the Vesuvio OT

Convince yourself of the Vesuvio OT in our showroom kitchen and make an appointment for test baking by calling +49 6051 67777. You bring your ingredients and the dough and can test at your leisure how it is to cook and bake with the oven. We are available for questions and personal advice, but let you cook at your leisure.


term from 24 to 48 months possible.



Firing: Gas, Wood
Flue pipe: 200
Front opening (in cm): 56 x 28
Heating time (in minutes): 50
Inner dimension height (in cm): 46
Inner dimension length (in cm): 140
Inner dimension width (in cm): 140
Outer dimension length (in cm): 190
Outer dimension width (in cm): 180
Weight (in kg): 1400
Wood consumption (kg/h at 300°C): 7

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