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Rotary Gas Values

4-6 pizzas professional best suited for:
  • Rotating pizza oven
  • more even baking results
  • durable
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Valoriani Rotativo Gas-firing

New: the first rotating pizza oven from Valoriani. A product of the Valoriani manufactory, the Rotativo continues the tradition of high quality pizza ovens. New is the first rotating fireclay plate for even more uniform results. The long experience of Valoriani motivated the owners to develop a model for the catering sector that makes the cook's work easier and ensures the rotation of the food by itself. The Rotativo is new to the range, but consistent in performance and quality - a true Valoriani.

The Rotativo is fired from a combination of gas and wood. This combination ensures optimal and time-saving operation.

Features of the Rotativo:

  • The baking surface is made of food-safe and tested somewhat open-pored fireclay. This is similar to Cotto Sorent and is ideally used for Neapolitan pizza.
  • The Milberg fan gas burner Spitfire is a ten-flame gas burner that promises the highest performance and best results. It can be controlled automatically or manually and has optimal temperature control. The Spitfire is certified according to DVGW and AVPN.
  • The patented "Recycling Heating System" (RHS) ensures the circulation of the very high temperatures, especially under the baking surface. It utilizes the smoke emitted at approx. 300° to 350°C and directs it to colder areas of the baking surface via an exhaust system. In contrast to expensive additional burners or electric heating coils, the RHS system offers many advantages: Operating temperature is reached faster than with standard ovens, saving up to 30 percent energy. The temperature is almost constant at all points of the baking surface even after 100 pizzas, resulting in better baking results. The smoke that escapes is cleaner, as it passes through the interior of the oven several times at over 500°C. Short baking times of 70 to 90 seconds are possible. The RHS system ensures an absolutely constant temperature compared to commercially available rotating ovens, thus ensuring high throughput rates.
  • The specially developed insulation corresponds to the properties of the classic materials sand and salt, with lower weight and easier assembly.

All these quality features allow a remarkable saving in energy consumption and a high temperature for optimal baking results. The Rotativo is also suitable for Neapolitan pizza.

Dimensions: internal dimensions 100cm,120cm, 140cm rotating plate.

Firing: wood und gas.

With gas firing, the professional Millberg Spitfire gas burner provides a connected load according to the diameter of the oven: 100cm - 120cm: 25kW
120cm - 160cm: 29 kW 
from 160cm: 34kW

Throughput per hour: With a diameter of 120cm bake 80 to 100 pizzas per hour.

Assembly and delivery: If delivery is possible, we can deliver the oven pre-assembled and ready at your place. Optionally, it is also possible to assemble the oven directly on your premises (assembly time 1 to 2 days).

Hire purchase/leasing: possible on request.



Diameter chimney pipe (in mm): 200
Firing: Gas
Front opening (in cm): 55 x 29
Inner dimension length (in cm): 160
Inner dimension width (in cm): 160
Outer dimension length (in cm): 226
Outer dimension width (in cm): 200
Rotating floor (in cm): 140 x 140
Weight (in kg): 2100

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