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Art.Nr.: SmokiJunior200

Product information Smoki

The flue gas scrubber Smoki Junior: a clean solution

The flue gas scrubber Smoki Junior is a smoke and soot filter system, which was developed for wood-fired pizza ovens and other wood stoves. Thanks to the excellent performance of the flue gas scrubber, both the risk of fire and the impact on the environment can be significantly reduced. Installation is quick and easy, so you can get the most out of the flue gas scrubber's performance.

Why the flue gas scrubber Smoki Junior is worthwhile

Of course, anyone who operates a wood-burning stove causes exhaust fumes. These are forwarded via the fireplace to the environment. But this is not only an active pollution, but also very often a disturbance for the closer neighbors. For this reason, the flue gas should be cleaned if possible. Here, either the flue gas scrubbers Smoki or Smoki Junior are used, which both filter the flue gases via the natural aid of water. These systems are designed in such a way that they do not restrict the already existing draft in the chimney, since inside the plants no throttle parts or mechanical filters are used. The soot in the flue gases is simply and effectively filtered out and thus kept away from the environment. In a direct comparison results from the use of a flue gas scrubber both a measurable and visibly cleaner smoke from the chimneys.

This is how the flue gas scrubber Smoki Junior works

The exhaust air of the wood stove is cleaned by the flue gas scrubber. For this purpose, the sucked exhaust air is passed into a drum in the flue gas scrubber and cleaned there. In this process, a water mist is generated by the so-called moistening, through which the exhaust air must flow. All water-soluble contaminants in the exhaust air - including dust, soot and other particles - are washed from the exhaust air in this process and collected in a drip tray. This is cleaned and emptied directly via a connected sewer pipe. Overall, the flue gas scrubber works so effectively that between 60 and 70 percent of the dirt particles and up to 50 percent of the water-soluble gases from the exhaust air can be filtered. In the end result not only the environmental impact is minimized considerably, also the odor nuisance can be considerably reduced by the removal of the water-soluble gases.

The special features of the flue gas scrubbers Smoki and Smoki Junior

The flue gas scrubber Smoki impresses with its high power density and simple operation. In addition, the product continues to convince with the following features:

  • The flue gas scrubber works completely automatically.
  • It has an internal pump that automatically pumps off the polluted water and cleans the system.
  • The device is absolutely maintenance-free as all deposits are removed immediately.
  • Only a small amount of water is required inside the device.
  • The flue gas scrubber is characterized by very low consumption.
  • All electronic components are located inside the device.
  • The flushing pump, which is made of stainless steel, is attached outside to simplify necessary inspections.
  • The flue gas scrubber is also suitable for outdoor use, as no water remains inside the device after use.
  • The Smoki flue gas scrubber can be adapted to any stove and fireplace.

The flue gas scrubber Smoki Junior - variant without ventilation

While the large variants of the flue gas scrubbers can also be effectively used as fine dust filters, the flue gas scrubber Smoki Junior should work exclusively as a soot separator and clean the flue gases. The advantage of the flue gas scrubber Smoki Junior lies in its compact design, which can be installed in all common smoke extractors. With the device you can easily comply with all prevailing air pollution regulations and can therefore use without complications your wood stove in the catering, even in densely populated areas. In addition, the Smoki Junior is produced exclusively from high-quality and selected materials, which significantly improves the performance of the system and its service life. Thus, you can always rely on the flue gas scrubbing.

Various variants of the Smoki suitable for your stove

In our shop we offer the flue gas scrubber Smoki in many different variants, so that you can adapt it optimally to your requirements and needs. So you can find among others in our assortment:

  • the Smoki 200 with ventilation and a smoke connection of 200 mm and an air flow of up to 300m³ per hour
  • the smoke gas scrubber Smoki 250 with ventilation and a smoke connection of 250 mm and an air flow of up to 500m³ per hour
  • the smoke gas scrubber Smoki Junior 200 with a smoke connection of 200 mm and an air flow of up to 300m³ per hour
  • the smoke gas scrubber Smoki Junior 250 with a smoke connection of 250 mm and an air flow of up to 300m³ per hour
  • the smoke gas scrubber Smoki Junior 300 with a smoke connection of 300 mm and an air flow of up to 500m³ per hour

Wood stoves in the catering industry: Flue gas scrubbers like the Smoki Junior unavoidable

The gastronomy discovers more and more the advantages of classic wood-burning ovens and changes accordingly. While in the past mainly pizza parlors used this form of ovens, in the meantime these have also become upscale restaurants, which opt for such a stove because of the unique taste of the products and the ease of use. But especially in the attractive locations, for example, directly in the city center, a wood stove can quickly lead to odor nuisance. It is important not only to avoid the smoke nuisance of the neighbors, but also to comply with the various regulations of the individual cities and federal states. The cleaning of the flue gases is therefore urgently necessary. With the flue gas scrubber Smoki Junior and its big brother Smoki, the right solutions are available, which can be easily and simply installed.

We are happy to advise you about our products

Of course, it is not always easy to make the right choice and to orient ourselves in our wide range. For this reason, we like to offer our customers individual advice in order to choose the right solution. For example, we advise you on whether the Smoki Junior flue gas scrubber or the larger Smoki variant with active ventilation is the right solution for you. Just contact us by phone or e-mail. Our experts and consultants will be pleased to inform you about the various advantages of the individual products and to give you comprehensive advice. In the future, you too will benefit from our flue gas scrubbers such as the Smoki Junior and can use the various wood stoves effectively and above all efficiently in your catering business. We look forward to your inquiry!



Lautstärke dB: 63,4
Luftdurchzug ccm/h: 250/300
Outer dimension height (in cm): 75,5
Outer dimension length (in cm): 64
Outer dimension width (in cm): 98
Pumpe kW+ A: 1,16kW 3,9A
Smoki smoke connection: 200 mm
Wassertank L: 70
Wasserverbrauch L/h: 40
Weight (in kg): 75

Videos about Smoki

Manufacturer "Smoki s.r.l."

Flue gas scrubbers in gastronomy and for private persons

The Smoki flue gas scrubbers for the various wood stoves were first developed in 1994 and quickly became one of the best and most popular products on the market. In the meantime, the various products have become extremely popular both in the catering trade and among private users. We present the latest solutions from this range to our customers.

Smoki: the smoke and soot filter system for many applications

The modern soot reduction system for the catering trade and for private users has been continuously developed and improved since its first planning in order to meet the high requirements of customers and users. In addition, there are many different imitators on the market who, however, cannot achieve the ease of use and high efficiency of flue gas cleaning. Accordingly, most restaurateurs and many private users still opt for the original with its high-quality materials, excellent workmanship and ease of use. Smoki sets the highest performance and quality standards in this segment and is therefore extremely popular in the catering sector.

Flue gas cleaning for the catering trade

In gastronomy, it is imperative that the various flue gases are optimally cleaned before they can be returned to nature. The Smoki smoke and soot filter system meets all legal requirements and convinces in practical use with its small footprint and simple operation. In addition, the units are easy to maintain and clean, minimising the risk of failure. These are all important points for the professional catering trade, which is dependent on comprehensive flue gas cleaning. In addition, the systems are very easy to monitor and control, so that nothing stands in the way of use in the professional kitchen. Private individuals benefit from the ease of use, so that the various wood-burning ovens and pizza ovens can also be used indoors. Absolutely safe and compliant with all applicable regulations, these solutions are among the best on the market!

Smoki srl for catering needs: optimised and popular solutions

Smoki srl is one of the world market leaders in the field of smoke and soot filter systems and is convincing with its comprehensive services. These include not only the design and installation of the various in-house systems, but also their maintenance. The service portfolio includes the installation of stainless steel, copper or painted fireplaces, the construction and maintenance of cooker hoods and ventilation units and, of course, the various smoke filters in various designs. The company has not only specialised in the field of gastronomy and catering supplies, but also offers suitable solutions for private customers in a wide range of sizes and sizes. All systems and solutions are always developed and installed in direct compliance with the regulations in force, so that the various devices can be installed without any problems.

Different Smoki variants at a glance

It is important that you find the right smoke and soot filter systems for your needs. For this reason, the Smoki product range is comprehensively structured and can therefore be easily adapted to the corresponding requirements. In our range we show you the different options which have been adapted exactly to the requirements of our wood stoves. So you can always use the right and appropriately dimensioned smoke and soot filter system both privately and in the catering trade and profit from its performance.

Smoki and Smoki Junior in detail

These two variants have been developed for use on wood-fired pizza ovens and offer different dimensions. Thus, these flue gas scrubbers can be perfectly combined with the various pizza ovens from our range. The effective smoke filter systems are water-based and allow the pollutants to be removed quickly, easily and above all with uncomplicated cleaning. Easy access, efficient cleaning and above all the tried and tested handles for using the gas scrubbers characterise these products in everyday life in the catering trade.

Smoki Maxi: designed for bread ovens

If you use a wood-burning oven in your company or privately to bake bread, not only the company changes, but also the composition of the exhaust fumes. The Maxi version of Smoki also provides you with a suitable flue gas scrubber for this application, which can also be easily combined with the various ovens. 

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Pizza La Migliore

Tolles Gerät für Rauchgasreinigung ...

Wir haben im Lokal große Problem mir Nachbarschaft wegen Russ und Rauch gehabt, nach Installation und nun knapp 2 Jahren täglichen Betrieb haben wir das Problem toll gelöst...Danke für den service und ihren Partnerbetrieb für die Montage....


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