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Valoriani fireclay bricks

Original Italian firebricks 22cm/11cm/6cm suitable for self-build wood stoves, pizza ovens, fireplaces or bread ovens (firebricks pizza oven). It is fireclay, made from controlled raw materials without chemical additives from the manufacturer Valoriani from Reggello these annual are tested for food safety by an independent institute. Ideal for high thermal loads such as ovens, fireplaces, grills or stone ovens.

Price refers to the total quantity of 135 pieces.

They are stones of length 220mm, 110cm depth and 60mm height, fireproof up to 1400 degrees.

Available in the quantities:
  • 135 pieces = unit price Euro 3,47 incl. VAT
  • 270 pieces = unit price Euro 2,81 incl. VAT
  • 540 pieces = unit price Euro 2,36 incl. VAT

Alternatively, we offer sets for the construction of their own pizza oven with fireclay mortar and ceramic fiber insulation. Insulations also available individually in the store.

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Item Valoriani Stone
Valoriani calcium silicate stones Calcium silicate bricks 62,5cm length, 25cm width and 10cm thickness for floor insulation for wood fired stone oven and pizza oven. This should be installed in 1 layer under the floor tiles for home use and in double layer for gastronomic continuous firing. Can be laid in or bonded with tile/chamot mortar. Fireproof up to 1000 degrees, this calcium silicate stone provides perfect insulation for floor tiles. Quantity required: Model 80cm: 8 pieces Model 100/110cm: 10 pieces Model 120cm: 12 pieces Model 110/160cm: 15 pieces 
Item Valoriani isolation kit
Valoriani insulation set We offer to the private ovens a perfectly matched set of insulating materials to guarantee a long life of the stone ovens. These sets are available for the FVR and TOP series in sizes from 80cm to 160cm. The insulation sets contain, depending on the size of the oven: Appropriate quantities of special mortar "VAREX" for the outer grouting of the dome elements or for the independent gluing of the base plates. Sufficient quantity of high quality ceramic fiber on rolls (7,3m/0,6m) in 64 density and 25mm thickness which is laid directly on the dome in double layer as the first insulation layer. Heat resistant up to 1300 degrees. Coordinated quantities of high quality vermiculite fill in 100l bags, which is poured directly into the cavity between the walls and onto the dome after the square walling, ensuring perfect insulation and breathability of the furnace. The filling is very light to avoid pressure on the dome.
Basic for Valoriani pizzaovens
Metal base for Valoriani Hobby This metal base is tailored to the Valoriani Hobby pizza oven. It is available as an option. There are two ways to use the base: 1. the base can be bricked up and covered. This means that the base disappears under a visually appealing custom cladding that fits in with the surroundings. 2. should you use the stove on the base without brickwork, but prefer only a visual but light cladding for the base, the stove is mobile with a lift truck. It therefore remains mobile for use in different places, for example on the terrace in summer and under a bonnet indoors in winter. Translated with (free version)

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Valoriani FVR
Valoriani FVR
Equipment: without | Internal diameter: 110 | Isolation: without
Valoriani FVR stone oven Friends of the family - the ovens of the FVR series: Ingeniously simple - simply ingenious. The ovens of the FVR series fascinate with their variety and function - just as their inventor Silvio Valoriani intended more than 50 years ago. The stoves, which are available in an assembly set, come in five different sizes. They meet all needs, whether for the smaller or larger family. The baking surface is made of refractory "white" fireclay with a thickness of five centimetres. Depending on the size of the oven, it is composed of different elements. The special feature of the "white" surface is its ability to store heat optimally. Because of its high aluminium content, it is more resistant to heat and keeps it longer. The production with a press also results in a perfectly even surface. The stone ovens of the FVR series are traditionally fired with wood. This not only ensures the desired heat in the oven and the perfectly crispy pizzas, but also gives them their inimitable taste. Thanks to the very large combustion and baking chamber, you can also use larger logs in the stone oven without any problems and thus save yourself a lot of work during preparation. In addition, the large opening provides very good and easy access to push the wood aside and clean the baking surface. The metal door is included and can be equipped with a thermometer as an accessory. A brick arch as well as a smoke connection are available as accessories. Features and components: Self-supporting elements made of refractory mixture form the baking chamber of the oven. A shaped plate of refractory cotto serves as a working and storage surface in front of the opening. Removable metal flap Assembly instructions, useful hints for maintenance The FVR model is available in the following internal dimensions: 80 cm, 100 cm, 110 cm, 120 cm, 110 × 160 cm and 110 cm with large opening (Bocca Larga). The base of the oven should always be 40cm larger than the diameter of the oven itself (for example, with an FVR 100cm diameter, the base should be at least 140cm in diameter). The working height of the oven varies between 110 - 120cm.Valoriani FVR stone oven - quality in modern form The FVR series of the manufacturer Valoriani was developed specifically for families and offers them the highest possible quality in combination with a simple and uncomplicated assembly and operation. This way, families of all sizes can fulfil their dream of having their own stone oven and enjoy the quality of fresh pizza and other delicious dishes with the typical stone oven aroma. Once you have got used to using the oven regularly and benefiting from its direct heat and typical taste, you are guaranteed never to want to do without this elegant solution again. See for yourself the different versions we have in shop for you in the Laboto shop! The stone oven in five different sizes When developing this stone oven, the Valoriani company focused on families. And since families in today's world can be completely different in size, the oven is of course offered in five different sizes. So you can comfortably and easily choose the oven size that suits your wishes and demands and the size of your family. This offers you several advantages. On the one hand, you do not have to unnecessarily preheat a stove that is too big and thus waste wood, time and energy. On the other hand, no one has to wait for their pizza if the oven is purchased in the appropriate size. Decide on the size that suits you best and benefit from the optimal amount of space and the correspondingly short heating and preheating times. You will reach the desired and optimal 300 degrees Celsius in the oven after a heating time of only 30 minutes and can therefore bake the pizzas in the best quality. In addition, the oven has a very good heat storage capacity, so that you can also use it for several pizzas in succession without any problems. The Valoriani FVR series is designed and optimised for normal household use. Due to the easy handling and the great results, this oven will inspire you. Firing with wood for the perfect taste The stone ovens of the FVR series are traditionally fired with wood. This not only ensures the desired heat in the oven and the perfectly crispy pizzas, but also gives them their inimitable taste. Thanks to the very large combustion and baking chamber, you can also use larger logs in the stone oven without any problems and thus save yourself a lot of work during preparation. In addition, the large opening provides very good and easy access to push the wood to the side and clean the baking surface. The large access opening also comes in handy when cleaning the oven after use and makes cleaning ash residues a real breeze. Take advantage of the opportunity to test different woods in the oven to develop the perfect taste for you. In any case, it is important to load the stove with the right amount of wood and to preheat it well. Use the enclosed instructions to avoid overfilling the oven or loading it with too little wood. You will be amazed at the results you will achieve with the right wood and the right amount of wood. Easy assembly distinguishes the stone oven The elegant stone oven is particularly impressive because it is very easy to assemble. The entire oven is delivered as an assembly set and can be put together very easily and without special tools. However, the oven should not be assembled alone, as helping hands are often an advantage. In addition, you can also order the oven pre-assembled if you have the appropriate delivery options and thus save yourself this work. We also offer you the possibility to assemble the stove directly on site. Please feel free to contact us about these possibilities. The elegant and noble-looking stone oven can be used both indoors and outdoors. Special regulations apply for indoor installation. In this case, for example, you must also order the optionally available smoke connection and coordinate the installation of the oven with your responsible chimney sweep. These features distinguish the Valoriani FVR series The FVR series from the manufacturer Valoriani is extremely popular with families. This is not least due to the simple use of the stone oven, which can be heated up within a very short time and can then be operated easily and without complications. In addition, the baking surface of the oven is made of fireproof and food-safe fireclay with a thickness of five centimetres. This ensures very good insulation and a perfectly crispy pizza base. The fireclay convinces with its very good heat storage due to its high aluminium content and its compact shape. This means you can take the pizzas out of the oven quickly and perfectly baked after heating. In addition, the fireclay has been tested for food compatibility by SINAL, the institute for testing the base plate. Thanks to the sturdy metal door, the heat in the oven remains constant. These components await you If you decide on this beautifully shaped stone oven in the various versions, the following components await you: self-supporting construction elements for the baking chamber of the oven a front opening of 28/22 centimetres an interior height of 33 centimetres a pizza capacity of at least 3 pizzas per baking process a plate of fireproof cotto as working and storage surface in front of the oven opening a removable and perfectly fitting metal flap to close the oven comprehensive assembly instructions with important tips for using and caring for the stone oven Expand the stone oven with matching accessories Of course, you can expand the elegant stone oven with separately available accessories and thus further adapt it to your individual wishes and needs. These include the optionally available smoke connection or the beautifully shaped brick arch around the oven opening, which gives the stone oven its characteristic and classic appearance. Depending on the area of use, you can also choose suitable insulation for the oven and thus make it even more functional. We offer you the option of ordering the stone baking oven without insulation, with ceramic fibre mortar insulation in a round design or with ceramic fibre mortar vermiculite insulation in a square design. This allows you to design not only the functionality but also the appearance of the stove in your garden or in your own four walls entirely according to your own taste and preferences. We will be happy to advise you about our offers If you are not sure about the size of your stone oven and which version to choose, please feel free to contact us. Our technical advisors and experts will be happy to give you advice and help you with an individual consultation and a comprehensive needs analysis. In this way, you will find the right oven for your requirements with us and can enjoy your pizzas or even breads from an excellently crafted stone oven from the Valoriani FVR series in the future. Simply use our contact form or send us an e-mail so that our advisors can call you back personally. We look forward to hearing from you.  
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Valoriani TOP
Valoriani TOP
Equipment: without | Internal diameter: 120 | Isolation Kit: without
TOP range ovens The design principle of the FVR series has been further developed in the TOP series and implemented innovatively in a housing made of refractory ceramic. A small elegant flap made of lacquered fireproof ceramic with embellishment and logo in bas-relief is a very attractive eye-catcher. The brick bend and smoke connection are available as accessories with the matching front panel in the arch . Fireclay for perfect heat in the oven The baking surface consists of refractory and food-grade white chamotte (tested by the SIAL) with a thickness of five centimeters. The surface is composed of several elements according to the size of the furnace. The special feature of the white chamotte is its high aluminum content, which makes it particularly heat-resistant and can store the heat for a long time. Features and components: Self-supporting fire vault 4 parts made of fireproof mixture. Fire-resistant ceramic door with integrated thermometer. Assembly instructions, useful instructions for care. Front opening: 45/30 cm Inner height: 38 cm Pizza capacity: 4 pieces Heating up to approx. 300 degrees: 40 min As an accessory, a set consisting of brick arch and noise metal is available. The dimensions: 100 cm and 120 cmFiring: Wood Mounting Information: Mounting material square structure:Vermiculite 100l/bag:    6 (100cm oven)  7 (120cm oven)Ceramic fibre 64er 7,3m:    1 (100cm oven) 1 (120cm oven)Fireclay mortar (10kg):      1 (100cm oven) 2 (120cm oven)Mounting material round structure:Ceramic fibre 64er 7,3m:     2 (100cm oven) 2 (120cm oven)Fireclay mortar (10kg):     1 (100cm oven) 2 (120cm oven)
Woodoven Valoriani Hobby
Baking as a way of lifeThe Hobby series wood-fired ovens are available in three different sizes. They are pre-assembled on a metal plate and promise the highest pizza enjoyment. The baking surface made of fireclay (refractory and white) is composed of different elements depending on the size. The special feature of the "white surface" is its ability to optimally store heat. Due to the high aluminum content, it is more resistant to heat and can retain it for a correspondingly long time. The perfectly flat surface is created by manufacturing in a press. As a result, the heat absorption and the baking process proceed optimally.The bottom is insulated with calcium silicate bricks (thickness: 10 cm). Thus, even after many pizzas, a perfect and, above all, a stable temperature is guaranteed. The oven is also suitable for semi-professional use. Equipment & features: self-supporting fire vault (made of refractory mixture) direct firing shaped plate made of refractory cotto serves as a working and storage surface in front of the furnace opening removable metal flap alternatively available with gas burner or on request also with natural gas/liquid gas The Hobby model is basically identical to the FVR series, but it is already equipped with the brick arch and the smoke connection. On request, this model can also be equipped as a trailer version with a reinforced underbody and is ideal for mobile use in sales vans or trailers (see pictures).The stoves of the HOBBY series can be placed outdoors in the summer, as the absorption of rain and night-time humidity is compensated for by the sun's rays and frequent use of the stove. During the rest of the year, however, it is IMPORTANT to cover the stove with tarpaulins, protective roofs or other devices to prevent moisture from penetrating the stove dome. Firing: Wood Delivery and assembly: Delivery by La Bottega Toscana or assembly at your site, if the pre-assembled stove does not fit through the door or window. On-site assembly can be booked separately (approx. 1-2 working days). Note: Please note dimensions and weights when ordering and the useful and important instructions for care when commissioning! The stove should generally be placed in a protected location, optionally also available with front arch in anthracite !  

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