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Fontana is a family business that has been producing the best Italian wood-burning stoves in the classic cottage design for decades. The traditional baking houses are classic wood-fired and are pre-assembled. They are always indirectly fired and also offer a recirculation air system via the optional equipment variants. The bakehouses impress with their flexibility, as they have three shelves for cooking and offer a warming level that can also be used for proofing baked goods. At the heart of the bakehouses are food-safe fireclay bricks and insulation of the side panels and roof, specially developed by Fontana. In addition, there is a wide range of well thought-out and high-quality accessories on the trolley itself, such as storage and preparation surfaces. And, of course, the castors that make it possible to move the oven from one place to another with little effort.

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Fontana Red Passion
Red Passion: Amalfi 80/50
Wood burning stove Fontana Red Passion Red Passion series wood stoves from Fontana Forni are functional wood stoves for home use of the highest quality. They are made in Italy from the best materials. In the traditional manufactory of Fontana Forni every move is perfect, so absolutely high-quality stoves for private use and gastronomy are created. The stoves of the Red Passion series are entry-level models into the world of wood-burning stoves. Their stainless steel casing gives them elegance, while the firebricks inside ensure the best heat distribution, short warm-up times and excellent cooking results. The ovens are functional, chic and handy. The special feature of the Fontana ovens is the dome made of double-walled stainless steel, insulated with high-quality natural stone wool, which ensures perfect heat distribution in the oven. The bottom of the cooking chamber is made of fireproof and food-grade fireclay, which is known for keeping the heat particularly even and for a long time. From the outside, the oven always remains touchable due to the good insulation. Small and compact The Red Passion series stoves are the small siblings of the wood-burning stoves from the Linea Red series. They are designed as entry-level models for home use, but offer the same quality. Besides pizza, all Fontana wood-burning ovens can also be used to cook many other dishes: Fish, meat, pasta, antipasti or bread succeed in no time. The ovens are supplied with a sturdy door that closes the baking chambers, so bread can bake for a long time at the same temperature.The Red Passion series is delivered completely pre-assembled on a trolley with wheels. Thus, without further assembly can be cooked immediately. Due to the rollers, the ovens remain mobile and can always be positioned exactly where it is desired. The advantages at a glance: compact dimensions, three sizes: in 60 x 40 cm, 70 x 50 cm, 80 x 50 cm Delivery is completely pre-assembled Proven quality from Fontana Forni Conceivably simple operation with detailed instructions. The stainless steel undercarriage is included in the delivery. In 20 minutes the oven reaches a temperature of 350 degrees. It is available in three colors. Which oven suits me? Visit our showroom, take a look at our different ovens and let us advise you. Together we will find the right stove for your purposes. We look forward to your inquiry.  

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This mobility and flexibility is also demonstrated by another Fontana product range: the dome ovens of the Linea Red, for example. Classic in design, modern in the choice of materials and in any case first class. The elegant stainless steel pizza ovens are pre-assembled and also feature food-safe fireclay bricks in the cooking chamber and the excellent insulation of the dome. The cupola ovens are usually fired with wood that burns directly in the oven. The directly fired cupola ovens are available as table-top versions for an existing substructure or in combination with a suitable substructure with castors.

If you are looking for maximum cooking pleasure, unique taste experiences and a lot of flexibility, Fontana Forni is the right choice! Visit us in our showroom or give us a call. We will be happy to advise you! Please make an appointment.


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