IZZO - Das Original

IZZO - Das Original

Izzo Forni: Electric pizza oven of the highest quality

The traditional Italian company Izzo Forni from Naples has been a convincing developer and producer of high-quality pizza ovens for the catering trade since 1951. The Scugnizzo Napoletano is the modern heart of the company. The electrically operated pizza oven reaches an incredible 480 degrees and can therefore bake the famous Neapolitan pizza to perfection. But also the operation at lower temperatures for other dishes is no problem for Izzo Forni. A Neapolitan pizza oven that couldn't be better. And it is absolutely efficient and highly effective for optimum pizza enjoyment.

The Izzo Forni Scugnizzo Napoletano: Pizza oven directly from Italy

A Neapolitan pizza oven has to meet the most diverse requirements and demands. It is important to note that Izzo Forni's powerful electric pizza oven has even been approved by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN) and therefore meets the highest requirements. With the gastronomy pizza oven you can prepare the perfect Neapolitan pizzas that your guests want and which will attract new guests to your restaurant thanks to their quality and taste. The Izzo Forni Scugnizzo Napoletano meets the high standards of quality, workmanship and temperature control of the pizza oven in every respect. Adjust the temperature freely according to your wishes and ideas for the perfect end result.

The peculiarities of the Izzo Forni pizza oven

Izzo Forni ovens offer various advantages to the user. We would like to take a closer look at them:
The ovens are versatile, enormously powerful and convince by their longevity.
The stoves have an elegant combination of design and technology. All components are optimally matched to each other and ensure the desired perfect result.
Reliability. The innovative technology of the ovens ensures smooth operation and easy maintenance. These pizza ovens have been developed for permanent use in professional gastronomy.
The ovens have been developed together with professional chefs in order to constantly optimise and improve handles and positions on the ovens. A good and professional chef can perfectly read the 480-degree pizza oven and conjure up the most delicious dishes of all kinds. A Neapolitan pizza oven becomes a natural extension of the nervous system and allows perfect preparation.

High quality pizza oven, AVPN approved

The pizza oven by Izzo Forni has a special feature that only a few pizza ovens can boast at all: The 480-degree pizza oven has been approved by the AVPN and can therefore be used for the production of genuine Neapolitan pizza. This means that you can easily equip a company with this oven so that you can present the coveted certificate in your company. This is very important for many restaurateurs, as these certificates are still rare in Germany and are therefore particularly appreciated by many customers. The Scugnizzo Napoletano is a perfectly equipped pizza oven by Izzo Forni for this purpose.

Real Pizza Neapolitana with certificate

If you not only want to use a pizza oven approved by the AVPN in your restaurant, but also want to decorate yourself with the corresponding certificate, we also offer the corresponding pizza courses in our house. With the necessary knowledge and the appropriate electric pizza oven from Izzo Forni, you can quickly and safely produce high-quality pizzas in your restaurant, for which connoisseurs and connoisseurs like to travel long distances. As a unique selling point for your business and as a bonus for your customers, this is a special factor.

Perfect 480-degree pizza oven to complement our pizza course

The temperature of the oven is important when preparing real Neapolitan pizza. Not only the temperature itself, but also the temperature distribution play an important role. The Izzo Forni Scugnizzo Napoletano, a 480 degree pizza oven, convinces not only by its optimal temperature, but also by the even distribution of the temperature in the oven. This is how the light and airy yet crispy pizzas with their slightly browned base and perfectly melted surface, which characterise the Neapolitan style all over the world, succeed. Once you have mastered the handling of Izzo Forni's high quality and powerful pizza oven, you will appreciate its ease of use.

Your guarantee with Izzo Forni: Neapolitan pizza oven of a special kind

Very high demands are placed on a restaurant pizza oven. The requirements do not only concern the simple handling and the high functionality, but naturally also the different food-legal interests. Here, too, Izzo Forni's products are convincing all along the line. All products designed by the manufacturer and offered on the market comply with the existing European directives and are regularly checked and certified. In addition, all ovens naturally also comply with all existing regulations of the German market and are therefore ready for immediate use in your catering trade, both in form and function and technology. If you want to offer real Neapolitan pizza with the AVPN seal, a Neapolitan pizza oven is a step in the right direction. Your customers and guests will be delighted with the quality and taste of the pizza.

Help and support with the ovens of Izzo Forni is guaranteed.

Of course, you also benefit from a comprehensive service in the Laboto Shop for Izzo products. The electric pizza oven, for example, is always delivered on time by specialist staff and installed on site to the highest industry standards. This allows you to install the catering pizza oven conveniently and without effort. In addition, of course, further assistance is available to you. If you need further support, you will receive it quickly and reliably from well-trained personnel. Convince yourself of the real Izzo Forni quality and enjoy the work with your new catering pizza oven.

Would you like a personal consultation or try out the oven? No problem
Of course you can also try out the pizza oven in our exhibition. For this purpose we have installed the oven in our exhibition and will be pleased to make it available to you after an individual appointment. Please contact us on +49 6051 67777, so that you can try out the various functions and handling of the pizza oven at your leisure. You will be amazed at the excellent results that can be achieved with the Scugnizzo Napoletano from Izzo Forni.

If you have any further questions about the product or the various features and possibilities, please contact us as well. Our experts will be happy to advise you and answer any questions you may have about our product range. We look forward to hearing from you!



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