Hire purchase for gastronomy

You determine the rates and the duration

You have an oven in view and / or have already received an offer from us and do not want to raise the sum at once? Then use our hire purchase offer.

How the hire purchase works:

1. You decide after our consultation for an oven and we make you an offer.
2. Determine the duration (24, 36 or 48 months) and the amount of the installment.
3. You provide us with a copy of your trade license.
4. We ask for a hire purchase for you - fast and discreet.
5. If you opt for the hire purchase, you only have to pay the VAT included in advance, and then only the monthly installment.

The advantages of the hire purchase:

1. You determine the duration and the rate.
2. After payment of the last installment the stove belongs to you, no final payment due.

Click here for the hire-purchase calculator from Albis.

About our partner: ALBIS HiTec Leasing GmbH

ALBIS HiTec Leasing GmbH is one of the largest non-bank leasing groups in Germany. Thus, you benefit not only from top conditions, but also from convincing services. This was also confirmed by the financial experts of the business magazine impulse in 2005 (issue 04/05), in which they identified ALBIS HiTeC Leasing GmbH as the test winner in comparison with the 14 market-leading leasing providers.

ALBIS HiTec is a pioneer of convenient online processing and a reliable partner. Many years of experience shape the concept as well as the price-performance ratio and guarantee competent advice.

With the proven online processing ALBIS checks your application within minutes. Together with ALBIS, we handle your application quickly and easily over the Internet - and you're still on the safe side. We protect your data: Your application remains discreet and secure.