GI-Metal - Hochwertiges Zubehör

GI-Metal - Hochwertiges Zubehör

GI.METAL is an Italian company that produces to its own designs.

Pizza tools and trolleys
One single philosophy lies behind two different production activities: pizza accessories and catering trolleys.
Creativity, research and perfectionism come together in a series of tools designed for a wide range of uses:
for professional and recreational use alike, for those who make and serve pizza and those who handle foodstuffs,
kitchenware and food courses in restaurant kitchens and dining rooms.

Unexpectedly light ans ideally hard-wearing

The materials and production methods used are constantly analysed and updated to obtain maximum functionality, ease of use,
solidity and safety, as confirmed by the TÜV certifications awarded, attesting to the products’ suitability for their intended use.

Cutting-edge technological materials

Rigorously European-origin stainless steel with low nickel percentage to avoid the risk of allergy as is often caused by this metal.
The aluminium alloy treatments adopted are intended to increase the products’ resistance and hygiene.
The use of innovative polymers for plastic die cast handles renders our products resistant to high temperatures and collisions.
Glue-free steamed beech wood is employed, treated with natural, non-toxic methods certified for food use.

Gi.Metal is a factory located in the heart of Tuscany, a project that was started over thirty years ago in the small workshop of a metal worker, now a plant that can make more than 600 different products and reach every corner of the globe.

This significant growth is due to the company’s main focus:  listening to the needs of its customers, on occasions such as industry fairs, events, championships and training courses that we support and promote through Palapizza, the special workshop within the company. By listening to the needs of pizza makers, their suggestions, we design and create products that can improve the quality of their work, making it lighter and less problematic. From the words of our customers, ideas for new or improved products are created for products that will become a catalogue standard or custom and exclusive lines.

Gi.Metal is a medium-sized company but structured with the rules and departments of a larger company, capable of organizing internal processes efficiently, defining areas of competence and responsibility for its employees. In recent years, production growth has been remarkable thanks to the continuous renewal of the latest generation machinery and a careful management of information flows, as well as the order delivery phase, improved both in terms of quality and speed.

Efficiency therefore makes it possible to evolve over 3 days of complex orders that reflect the eclectic nature of the pizzas, with their ever-special and never-banal demands. Efficiency that is also the result of the skilled work of motivated and passionate people, for whom we invest in training, to be prepared for the use of the most modern technologies, but also to work in groups in an effective and peaceful manner.

If you have never worked with us, give us the opportunity to serve you, so that your experience can also be found in all these words. If you are already our customer, we thank you for the confidence given to us so far and we encourage you to let us know how we can further improve.






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Gi.Metal Redbox für Lieferdienst. Box mit Heizung, Thermometer und Umluft
Gi.Metal Redbox
Redbox - heated box for the delivery service For many years Gi.Metal has offered a wide range of products for food delivery: Thermal bags, insulated boxes, rigid and semi-rigid boxes are the range for transporting pizza at home. The...
GI Metal Pizzaschaufel Set TRIPIZZA bei
Schaufel Set 3 Pizza
Komplettes Kit für den Heimgebrauch zur Zubereitung von Pizza bestehend aus: Schaufel, kleine Shaufel, Bürste und einer praktischen selbsttragenden Basis, um alle Werkzeuge organisiert zu halten. Das Kit ist Teil der Amica-Linie und in...
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Pizzaset Gi-Metal privat
Shovel set 4 pieces
4 Piece Pizzaschaufelset of weather resistant metal also suitable for outdoor use. suitable Comprising Pizza Peel 32 / 32cm and 150cm length, Pizza / Glutheber 140cm with adjustable grill, brass brush 130cm for sweeping and cleaning the...
Pizzashowel Gi-Metall I-20
Pizza shovel I-20
ROBUST EASE All models in the series Azzurra have a limited weight compared to classical models, but have handles and oval tube extremely robust, to increase the stability. FEATURES Lightweight and flexible aluminum heads allow a spatula...
brush gimetal ACSP
brush AC-SP
Rotating head oven brush with scraper. Brass bristles on wooden support. Black anodized aluminium handle. Brush spare part available Dim. 20,00x6,50 cm Weight 1 Kg Height 150 cm
Pizzashovel A-R-F
Pizzashovel A-R-F
AZZURRA is our super professional line; the brightest, flexible, resistant blades: for the true artist of Pizza. Pizza blades for baking. Entirely made of aluminum alloy. Eloxalkopf neutral. Handle aluminum blinds in light blue....
Pizzashowel Gi-Metal Napoletana
Gi-Metal pizzashowel Napoletana
AZZURRA is our super professional line; the brightest, flexible, resistant blades: for the true artist of Pizza. Pizza blades for baking. Entirely made of aluminum alloy. Eloxalkopf neutral. Handle aluminum blinds in light blue....
Pizzaitems Gi-Metal items
Pizza plate
Gi-Metal accessories for wood pizza ovens