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Josper Roaster for big challenges The Josper Roaster is a versatile grill for large quantities... more
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Josper Roaster for big challenges

The Josper Roaster is a versatile grill for large quantities of meat. On its rotating skewers different kinds of meat can be prepared.

The function:

The innovative roaster can fry 48 to 55 chickens at a time over charcoal. But you can also cook rabbit, lamb and piglets with him. On six skewers, which can be rotated in two functions, the grilled food can be attached. The skewers rotate together or individually and can be equipped all at once or only partially with barbecue. The position of the skewers can also be determined individually. The skewers are electrically rotated by a drum. The roaster is therefore a real all-rounder in its function and makes it possible to cook in a variety of ways and thus optimally meet customer requirements. For the preparation of 48 chickens you have to estimate about 1.15 hours and 20 kg of coal.

The roaster has a hot cooker with 4 bowls GN1 / 1 under the drum. Here you can prepare potatoes, onions or other side dishes. Furthermore, the roaster has a hot cupboard, which keeps the food warm.


    6 skewers
    4 GN containers
    ash shovel
    air regulation
    grease pan
    Special design skewer for rabbit, pig, etc.

Further explanation:

    Roaster 63 with 6 skewers à 630mm for 24 Hänchen, weight 560kg, external dimensions 120cm / 120cm, consumption 10-12kg per pass

    Roaster 130 with 6 skewers à 1300mm for 48 hens, weight 850kg, external dimensions 190cm / 120cm, consumption 20-22 kg per pass

Try out!

You are interested in a Josper Grill and would like to cook with him for a rehearsal? Call us on 06051 67777, we will make an appointment with you. In our show kitchen we have installed a Josper, which you can put to the test during a rehearsal. If you are interested in a Josper demo, check our blog for the latest event or send us a registration form.

Leasing: possible from 24 to 48 months.





For more than 45 years, we have been developing and renovating our products based on the same product, combining the traditions and knowledge of the local master craftsmen with the most innovative design and manufacturing techniques.

What is Josper Grill?
JOSPER is the elegant combination of grill and oven in one unit for a very demanding target group, the HORECA sector.
Josper Grill is used in steak houses, grill restaurants, tapas bars, bistro cafes, traditional restaurants and haute cuisine restaurants.

We use only the best and most advanced steel alloys produced by and for Josper.
This ensures that the apparatus can operate continuously at a uniform average temperature of 300 ° C to 350 ° C.
The approval marks granted (CE, ETL, GOST, T) and compliance with the strictest safety, hygiene and environmental regulations worldwide are evidence of our very high quality standards.
Passion for Grilling®

Josper is the elegant combination of grill and oven in one unit for a demanding target group, the HORECA sector.
Josper Grill is used in steak houses, grill restaurants, tapas bars, bistro cafes, traditional restaurants, haute cuisine restaurants, ....

Closed grill system with unique design.
System with front door, agile, robust and easy to handle.
Temperature control by a traction system.

OPTIMUM RESULTS FOR ALL FOODS: The high working temperature of the grill oven makes it possible to grill and fry foods without passing through them.
BETTER GRILL QUALITY: gives the dishes a unique flavor through their aromatic, exotic smoke; The special preparation guarantees delicacy and incomparable taste in all foods.
FASTER CONSTRUCTION: 35% faster than an open grill.
DOUBLE FUNCTION OVEN AND GRILL: two appliances in one.
LOWER CARBON CONSUMPTION: over 40% less than an open grill.
LOW FLAMES: The food does not dry out and does not burn.
BETTER WORK QUALITY: The cook is not permanently exposed to the heat of the grill.
BETTER HYGIENE: The ashes accumulate in a container of the closed basement.
PERSONALIZED, OPTIMIZED CUSTOMER CARE: Due to our extensive network of official distributors and technical consultants, all our customers can be individually supported during commissioning and benefit from a professional consulting, sales service as well as after-sales service.

Our company philosophy was always connected with two, at first glance, contradictory terms: TRADITION AND MODERN. Our slogan reflects these fundamental values: "Today's Grill with the Speed ​​of Today®": Not only in one sentence, the most important characteristics of our ovens, but also our mission statement as companies and persons should be described.
And for the past 45 years, the company has been working on the development and innovation of the same product: combining the traditions and skills of local craftsmen with innovative design and manufacturing techniques to bring unique products to the market.
For the manufacture of our robust and reliable products, we use state-of-the-art steel alloys and high-quality components from the region. Our products are tailored to the high requirements of the restaurant and hotel business.
Our suppliers come from Spain and all our products are produced in Spain. This close geographic environment allows us to carry out rigorous and rigorous quality controls in order to meet the standards of our markets spread across five continents while meeting strict safety regulations



Weight (kg): 850
External height: 189
External width: 168
External depth: 88
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