Fontana Marinara Trailer

3-4 Pizzen Profi Optimal für:


  • ideal for events and parties
  • long lasting oven made by Fontana
  • 100 pizzas per hour possible
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Total Price incl. Accessories €7,021.00*

Available in 14 days, delivery time 45 days

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Art.Nr.: MarinaraTrailer

Firing with wood


The hotter the oven, the fresher the ingredients stay on the pizza. With wood, 380 degrees is no problem.


Food from the wood-fired oven has a very special aroma. Eat with all your senses.


Fire is magic. People have been gathering around the fire since time immemorial. It is primal and sociable.


As a renewable raw material, a wood-burning oven does not burden your ecological footprint.

All infos to Fontana Marinara Trailer

Pizza oven Trailer: Fontana Marinara

Do you go to events and parties and sell pizza, tarte flambée, flat cakes, pide or other dough or bread specialities? Then we have the right oven for you: a Marinara from the traditional Italian house Fontana. The Marinara is a classic in its traditional dome design made of treated stainless steel, and is absolutely hard-wearing and durable. The stainless steel dome does everything and the Marinara can also convince with its inner values. The high-quality fireclay base keeps the heat for a very long time and gives it off constantly. This and the all-round insulation with rock fibre minimise temperature fluctuations in the oven and always ensure the best baking and cooking results. The oven is only hand-warm due to the insulation from the outside. In addition, it is exactly the right size to bake three to four pizzas in parallel. Due to the high temperature, baking times are very short, so you can easily bake 100 pizzas per hour.

We usually mount the Marinara on a standard 750 kg car trailer. Of course within the approval conditions, so that you will always receive TÜV trailers without any problems.

It is particularly important to us to respond to your wishes as a customer. That is why we are happy to offer you telephone and personal advice in our showroom. It is also possible to mount other stoves from our range on a trailer. Since we carry out the assembly on our premises, individual wishes can be implemented by arrangement. For example, the pizza oven trailers can also be equipped with storage compartments, wooden compartments, shelves or cooling compartments. Talk to us!

The oven: Fontana Marinara

The Fontana Marinara is a classic wood-burning oven with direct wood firing of the highest quality. It is manufactured in Italy and plays in the top league of Italian pizza ovens. No comparison with imitation products.

Equipment and accessories:

  •     Baking chamber with fireclay "Biscotti Sorrento" for crispy food
  •     Thermometer for temperature control
  •     Cooking chamber with traditional arched shape
  •     stainless steel chimney
  •     Work surfaces on the side of the trailer
  •     directly and permanently mounted on the trailer
  •     230V transformer and TÜV-SÜD tested

The dimensions:

The internal dimensions of the Marinara are 80 cm x 80 cm.
The pendant (also for other Fontana models):
Length: 210 cm plus 80 cm drawbar.
Width: 120 cm plus tires 20 cm each right and left


  • Baking chamber with firebrick "Biscotti Sorrento" for crispy food
  • Thermometer for temperature control
  • Cooking chamber with traditional curved shape
  • Stainless steel chimney and smoke hood
  • Working surfaces on the side of the trailer
  • Directly and firmly mounted on the trailer
  • 230V transformer and TÜV-SÜD tested


Diameter chimney pipe (in mm): 140
Firing: Wood
Inner dimension height (in cm): 34
Inner dimension length (in cm): 80
Inner dimension width (in cm): 80
Outer dimension height (in cm): 204
Outer dimension length (in cm): 160
Outer dimension width (in cm): 290
Pizza capacity (pizzas per hob): 2 - 3
Wood consumption (kg/ per hr): 3,8

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Fontana Gusto Trailer Are you a restaurateur looking for a pizza oven for parties and events? We mount different models of Fontana on a 750kg trailer for your car. The wood-fired pizza ovens are easy to operate and, thanks to their high-quality workmanship, ensure the best baking and cooking results. Whether pizza, bread, rolls or tarte flambée - your dishes will always succeed in Fontana ovens. And these baking houses are also well suited for roasts, vegetables or baked potatoes. Through the glass door, your customers can take a look inside at the festivities and events. That provides flair. The oven: Fontana Gusto The baking chamber has three floors and offers plenty of space for your food. The side walls are made of heat-resistant stainless steel and keep the heat evenly inside the oven. They can be completely dismantled for thorough cleaning. The exterior of the stove is made entirely of stainless steel with a cast front. The oven is made of treated sheet metal which can be used at very high temperatures.The baking chamber is made of special stainless steel and separated from the combustion chamber by a triple layer: steel surface 2 mm, oven stone fireclay 5 mm, heat-resistant plate 14 cm food-safe ground.These features allow the same heat distribution everywhere and avoid temperature fluctuations,which are unfavourable for uniform cooking. The main part of the oven is made of a rock fibre withinsulated to an average thickness of 80 mm to maintain a constant baking temperature and to prevent overheating.of the outer sheets and to prevent excessive heat loss. This means that the device has auniform performance and economical energy consumption. The materials are of the highest quality.The exterior is made of painted zinc plate (classic model) or stainless steel (Inox model). The dimensions: Inner dimensions 80 cm x 54 cm, indirect wood-burning ovenThe trailer (also for other Fontana models):Length: 210 cm plus drawbar of 80 cm.Width: 120 cm plus tires 20 cm each right and left


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