Bundle Maestro - Oven and pizza desk


  • well distributed heat thanks to the gas burner at the bottom.
  • smoke exhaust circuit ensures that the heat is retained longer.
  • significantly lower gas consumption.
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Fontana Bundle: Maestro and Pizzetta Desk

A great bundle to get you started in the world of dome ovens and pizza baking. The Fontana Maestro, our latest dome oven with gas operation, and the Pizzetta Desk: All-rounders with little space requirement and full performance.  And as the icing on the cake, the Fontana Maestro was awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2022. The jury's statement: "The Maestro outdoor pizza oven owes its high level of user comfort to its well thought-out functionality. In addition, the elegant design language is inspiring." (Source: www.red-dot.org)

The Maestro - compact and powerful

The Maestro is a compact gas pizza oven, the latest and most compact model of the traditional Italian company Fontana Forni. Its cooking surface is 40cm x 40 cm. The gas burner is placed at the back of the oven, not on the side as in cheap Far East products, which results in perfect air circulation and heat distribution. The removable, wide oven door makes the oven super easy to use and the pizza can be positioned comfortably. Two pizzas fit in at the same time. The Maestro can reach temperatures of 400 degrees and has a fireclay plate made in Italy. Thanks to its unique composition and a thickness of 20 mm, it retains the heat and ensures the perfect pizza base. The oven keeps the temperature for several hours with the door closed, so that nothing stands in the way of cosy evenings on the terrace with several cooking sessions or with a warm dessert.

Like all dome ovens and baking houses from Fontana, the Maestro is made of the highest quality stainless steel and insulated in a unique way. Several layers of stainless steel and material thicknesses make up the secret of this powerful oven. Also integrated is a thermometer for perfect tuning. Operating the Maestro is child's play: attach the gas bottle, press the ignition button, adjust the gas flame continuously and off you go, cooking and pizza fun on the Fontana Maestro all-round dome oven. Its weight has just been designed to make it portable. The first gas pizza oven to take along for picnics, camping or simply to the place you choose.

The Maestro also looks good. It is elegantly and modernly made of stainless steel with straight and curved lines that enhance its appearance. The thermometer provides a view of temperatures beyond 400 degrees. At the same time, the outer surface remains safe at 60 degrees. Its smoke tube is crowned by an attractive smoke hat. The Maestro is a top modern, chic and mobile pizza oven with gas firing Made in Italy. The perfect model for beginners in pizza making or for the outdoor kitchen.

The Pizzetta Desk

Our new trolley especially for the ovens of the Maestro series. The Pizzetta-Desk is 75cm wide and 60cm deep. The Maestro ovens therefore fit perfectly on this petite and manoeuvrable under-desk, whether you choose the Maestro with a width of 60cm or with a width of 40cm. It is made of stainless steel and partially painted black. It has a large side handle for pushing and positioning the oven, and a side holder for shovels and brooms. The storage area under the stove is ideal for the gas bottle, so the Maestro on this trolley is always mobile and portable on the terrace and in the garden. Cook wherever you like.


  • incl. flue pipe 
  • incl. oven door 
  • incl. set for gas connection (pressure reducer, hose and connection) 
  • incl. pizza shovel from Gi.Metal in 60 cm length (article no.: AE-29R60) 
  • incl. suitable protective cover for the oven


Firing: Gas
Flue pipe: 120
Inner dimension height (in cm): 21
Inner dimension length (in cm): 41
Inner dimension width (in cm): 61
Outer dimension height (in cm): 59
Outer dimension length (in cm): 57
Outer dimension width (in cm): 75,5
Pizza capacity (pizzas per hob): 2
Weight (in kg): 55

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Pizza ovens from Fontana - that's why they're so good!

What makes our Fontana pizza ovens the high-performance ovens our customers love them for?

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Fontana Forni Everyday Piero
Piero: With undercarriage
Fontana Everyday - PIERO Fontana's new oven for every day: the Everyday - PIERO impresses with its compact dimensions and modern design. This timeless stove offers great flexibility in the outdoor kitchen. By firing wood and gas, directly and indirectly, pizza, casseroles, cakes, meat dishes and bread can be prepared. What is new is above all the operation with either wood or gas as desired without having to convert anything. Firing with wood takes a little more time, but uses the typical wood stove fragrance and Italian flair, while gas firing saves a considerable amount of time. The advantages of the Piero at a glance: Wood and gas firing Cooking space of 60 x 40 cmOpening space of 13cm high and 42cm wide Weight: 70 kg as table-top, 85 kg with a trolley  Glass door for better visibility food-safe firebricks for optimal heat, 2cm thick conduction and storageas a table-top version (table pizza oven) or with a trolley mobile and pre-assembledeasy cleaning and maintenance weatherproof Compact and extremely hot The Piero is a compact oven with a 60 x 40 cm baking chamber, but can keep up with the large Fontana ovens when it comes to temperature. The high quality of the food-safe firebricks, the patented processing and the patented air circulation system guarantee temperatures of up to over 400 degrees - perfect for original Italian pizza. The operation of the Piero is absolutely simple and safe. Through its glass door, the view inside is always clear. Unique processing of materials Fontana Forni can look back on 70 years of experience in the construction of absolutely high-quality pizza ovens. During this time, the founding family has succeeded in developing a patented combustion and circulating air system that guarantees perfect heat distribution. The processed steel is of the highest quality and is processed in 2 mm thickness for the dome and 3 mm thickness for the baking chamber. This makes Fontana ovens extremely durable and durable. The chamotte stones are food-safe and extra thick for temperatures up to 400 degrees inside the oven. The materials used also ensure low wood consumption and thus energy savings. The "Take-Me-with-Oven" The Piero can be ordered pre-assembled on a cart design or without the cart as a tabletop device for the outdoor kitchen for installation on a prepared table or base. The Piero can also be taken as a table version without a trolley and used at any time on a stable surface. This makes the Fonatana Everyday Piero the first pizza oven from Fontana that is completely mobile and portable.See here the new Fontana catalog 2022all details about the Fontana Everyday - PIERO.
Fontana Mangiafuoco Wood
Color: Anthracite | variant: with trolley
Fontana Mangiafuoco: mobile pizza oven in gastronomic quality. The Fontana Mangiafuoco convince with the uncompromising functionality as well as the elegance and are used by private individuals as well as by catering businesses in the garden and outdoor area. The easy of use, the very good heat distribution and, above all, the perfect results make the ovens a dream for pizza makers and friends of tasty baked products from the stone oven. The Fontana Mangiafuoco - the pizza oven for the outdoor kitchen The Fontana pizza oven is a powerful gas and wood-fired oven, which is characterized by its uncompromisingly stringent design and small footprint. The elegant ovens are made of high quality steel and have a double-walled dome made of 4mm thick stainless steel. The dome is insulated by high-quality natural stone wool, which ensures even heat distribution inside the stove. In addition, the bottom of the furnace surface is made of fireproof food-grade fireclay. A new feature is the additional insulation of the floor below the fireclay plates. It ensures even better heat distribution and storage and thus higher and constant temperatures, which at the same time makes the stove even more economical. The heat is thus transferred even more evenly to the food to be cooked via the base. Optimally, despite the high temperatures inside, the dome oven always remains touchable from the outside due to the good insulation. All ovens in the series are available in the colours Inox, red and anthracite and can thus be perfectly matched to the existing ambience. Quality down to the smallest detail The body is made of the best anti-magnetic stainless steel (V2A steel) and is absolutely corrosion-free The bottom of the stove is made of a particularly resistant chrome-nickel steel and insulates perfectly Extra weatherproof is also the chimney made of 316 steel (V4A steel) The dome in the baking chamber is double-clad over the fireplace with a material thickness of 2.55mm and provides perfect heat storage. At the same time, the dome always remains only hand-warm from the outside The bottom of the baking chamber is made of 3cm thick food-grade fireclay stone for perfect heat storage The thermometer facilitates the precise preparation of food Different sizes for the dome oven The powerful dome oven is available in three different sizes in this range. So you can always choose the right oven according to individual needs and the area of application. The sizes to choose from are: Margherita for simultaneous baking of two pizzas Mangiafuoco for baking four pizzas at the same time Marinara for baking six pizzas at the same time While individuals and small families are usually already adequately supplied with the smallest size, most restaurateurs with an outdoor kitchen will tend to go for the two larger versions of the pizza oven. In addition, each oven is available both as a model with its own stainless steel trolley or for tabletop mounting and can thus be easily and uncomplicatedly integrated into any outdoor kitchen. Of course, each of the ovens from the Fontana product line has a stable door, which keeps the temperature inside the oven constant during the baking process, including bread. In addition, each oven is equipped with a smoke outlet, which leads through a smoke pipe with an adjustable valve and provides a stylish chimney cover. The wood stove for the perfect results Flexibility is the magic word with this pizza oven. For this reason, two ovens from this series can be operated with both wood and gas. Thus, an atmospheric burner with pilot flame is supplied with the Margherita and Mangiafuoco models, which is operated by means of piezo igniter, thermoelectric safety valve and pressure regulator including hose. This allows you to make the most of the stone oven from Fontana. Also, the results of the dishes from this wood-fired oven can be seen. You can use the dome oven not only for pizza and similar dough dishes, but also bake various breads perfectly without any problems. Once integrated into the outdoor kitchen, you will hardly want to do without the results from the stone oven in the future. Your guests will thank you for it. Advice on the Fontana wood-burning oven? We are happy to help. Would you like to learn more about the shapely and elegant Fontana pizza oven? Then simply contact us. Our experts will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice and help you with the most important questions. In addition, you are welcome to take a closer look at the oven in its various versions in our showroom and convince yourself of the excellent workmanship of the oven. Performance like a stone baking oven with a compact form at the same time. Just contact us. We are looking forward to your inquiry!
Mounted woodoven Valoriani cuppola
Indirect: White
The assembled pizza oven  We have the classic wood-burning oven Valoriani Indirect already assembled and delivered to your home ready for use: unpack it, put it in place and bake your pizza! The model Valoriani Indirect is already assembled on a 8mm metal plate including bottom insulationand 3-layer ceramic fiber insulation of the dome including breathable insulation plaster, which lets the moisture out and keeps the heat in the oven. This model convinces by its compact size and individual application possibilities, on the baking surface can be baked directly, it is about 60/40cm and can be used for pizza, tarte flambée and bread depending on the temperature. Alternatively, cooking and baking with casserole dishes or trays is also possible in this oven. Ideally, it should be protected from the weather or provided with a roof. The plaster can also be covered with natural stones, tiles or mosaic and gives off a maximum temperature of 45 degrees to the outside. Gladly available in other colors on request. Innovation in beautiful detail, the stone baking oven Valoriani Indirect: With its indirect heating of the baking surface, the Valoriani oven is unparalleled. The patented process allows particularly gentle and uniform baking through radiant heat. The fire in the combustion chamber heats the fireclay bricks of the baking surface and is fed from behind, where it surrounds the entire baking chamber. It takes about 30 minutes to heat up to 300 degrees. Two pizzas can be baked simultaneously in a few minutes. The exhaust gases are led to the front to the adjustable smoke outlet. The advantages of the innovative technology: the entire baking surface can be used and continuous baking is possible. The Valoriani oven can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Installation indoors and outdoors: Indoors, the Valoriani Indirect can be integrated into the elements of a kitchen to complement the stove, as well as installed next to the fireplace or in the party room. Outside, it finds its place next to the barbecue, on the terrace or in the garden. But then it must be protected from the weather. As a pre-assembled stove The pre-assembled stove is screwed and protected from the weather with a triple ceramic fiber insulation (8 cm) and a 2 mm thick metal cladding. This is powder-coated or painted in a Tuscany red-brown heat-resistant by master craftsmen and ensures a long life even outdoors. The stove is located on a 5 mm thick metal plate with 4 metal feet, each 5 cm high. Thus, this stove can be moved or transported at any time. The lower firebricks of the firing chamber are additionally provided with a metal bracing to ensure a perfect fire distribution and to guarantee a stability of the bottom plates. The pre-assembled model is equipped with thermometer, ash box, smoke connection and hardwood handles. Ideal for your private party The model is perfectly sized even for larger families and small parties. With a baking time of 3 - 4 minutes per pizza depending on temperature, toppings and firing, all guests can be satisfied. For bread baking, the lower firing chamber can also be swept out in the 2nd baking cycle and used for baking. The oven retains heat long enough to have double capacity at the end of pizza baking. The details for home use: Important for customers is the compact size of the model: after cladding and insulation, they get about external dimensions of 70-80 by 80cm deep. The flue through the baking chamber provides the traditional taste. The baking chamber is less contaminated with soot particles or ash in relation to a directly fired model. The compact dimensions make the Valoriani Indirect ideal for terraces, balconies or even small gardens. Pizza they can bake directly on the fireclay and alternatively on trays, the important thing is to get a feel for the oven. The floor temperatures are always slightly higher than dome ovens, this should be taken into account to achieve the best results for your taste. If the bottom temperature is too high, we recommend to position the embers in the back of the ember chamber about 20 minutes before cooking the pizza. Delicious is also cooking and simmering vegetables, pasta or meat in this wood-fired oven. This is possible in standard casserole dishes at any time and they get crispy and juicy food. We wish you good appetite A small baking instruction model "Valoriani I" It is ideal to heat the oven for at least 1 to 1.5 hours to about 280-300 degrees. If you want to bake directly on the fireclay, ideally after lighting the embers should be pushed back to the last third, so that the bottom temperature is not too hot. If you bake on trays, this is not necessary, because they reduce the temperature slightly. You should add 1 - 2 small pieces of wood every 15-20 minutes so that the oven settles at a minimum of 250 degrees. Once the pizza is inserted, the oven cavity should be closed again to keep the heat in the oven. Thin pizzas and not too many toppings are ideal. Then you will achieve a delicious and crispy pizza directly on the bottom in about 3-5 minutes of baking. If they want to bake bread in the second pass, remove the embers completely and leave the oven open for 10 minutes so that some heat escapes. Then put the bread in and close the oven for 30-40 minutes. It is also ideal to close the smoke control. We wish good apetite!   
Valoriani Baby 60 cm Wood
Color: Black | variant: First part of trolley
The Baby is a classic The Baby from the traditional Italian company Valoriani is a professional wood or gas oven and combines the excellent quality of Valoriani with an extremely attractive design. The traditional Tuscan materials like the refractory firebrick in combination with a visually appealing metal dome in red, ivory, black or with mosaic give the oven Italian flair in no time. Optionally, the Baby can be ordered with an undercarriage. Originally, the Baby was designed by Valoriani for catering businesses as an oven for preparing gluten-free dishes. But the Baby quickly developed into a very popular oven for food trucks at festivals and events as well as for small catering businesses. The Baby 60 also enjoys great popularity among private individuals with ambitious cooking skills. As it is mobile on the undercarriage and can be used both indoors and outdoors, it is a real all-rounder and a great eye-catcher. Whether in ivory, red or black, the Baby attracts attention and convinces with its inner values: fireproof firebricks for even heat and optimal insulation for economical wood consumption. The Baby also cuts a fine figure in the outdoor kitchen, whether as a tabletop or on the trolley. The special thing about the Baby 60cm: The 60cm version of the Valoriani Baby is available with a stainless steel arch. Especially the floor insulation and the dome insulation distinguish this very high-quality wood stove from imitation products. The Valoriani Baby is made of dome materials from the professional sector, i.e. with a high proportion of fireclay. The floor is also made of 100% full fireclay. This is food-safe and suitable for cooking and baking food. The dome is insulated with special ceramic fibre and powder-coated with the best metal and painted, so these ovens can be used outdoors all year round in wind and weather even without a cover. The front arch is also decoupled from the dome to compensate for thermal stresses. The substructures are galvanised and painted, which ensures the highest possible durability with additional sealing. Valoriani has stood for quality and durability for over 100 years. Dimensions: Outer dimensions without base 81/78/56 cm Outer dimensions with base 81/78/143 cm Front opening 36/2 1cm Pizza capacity: 1-2 pieces at a time with a baking time of approx. 90 seconds Heating time to 300-350 degrees is approx. 30 - 40 minutes Door included Firing: Wood and optional gas burner available, DVGW tested and approved, also ideal for indoor use EN203 tested. The Baby Gas can only be ordered including the upper base part or with complete base and the gas burner installed ex works. Assembly and delivery: The Valoriani Baby 60cm is delivered completely assembled and is ready for immediate use at your place, the gas burner is already tested and prepared. With the gas burner assembled, 1 part of the base is necessary. Delivery as LPG/propane model incl. DE screw connection, suitable pressure reducer and hose (1m length) for 5/12kg commercially available bottles. It should be noted that the stove heats up slowly under observation over 1-2 days when it is put into operation. In the case of gas models, the minimum flame must be adjusted as necessary when starting up and the operating information must be observed. The flame should be a maximum of 10-20 cm high for burning in. The stove must be protected from wind, especially in the case of gas operation, as otherwise the flame may back up and discolour the burner tube. Optionally, the Baby is also available as a natural gas version for a fixed connection. The parts of the base are also already mounted on the models. Gas output: 12KW available as liquid gas or natural gas version Included in delivery: 100cm stainless steel tube for wood version and 50cm for gas version and stainless steel cover, optional castors and an extension of the front are available under: Accessories Baby More pictures:

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Shovel set 4 pieces
Gi.Metal pizza shovels: Set 4 pieces
Gi-Metal Private Four piece pizza shovel set made of weatherproof metal suitable for outdoor use. Consisting of Pizza slider 32/32cm and length 150cm Pizza/gluten lifter 20cm diameter and 140cm length with adjustable handle Brass brush 130cm to sweep and clean the baking surface including the matching suspension Suitable for all Direct and Indirect ovens.
Baking with Frank
Bread and pizza course for hobby cooks Would you like to bake your own bread, pastries and pizza in a wood-fired oven? Handling the oven appeals to you? And a few tricks would also be nice? Then you've come to the right place. Our chef Frank is very experienced and has entertainer qualities that will make the course unique in every way. Bread and pizza are the main focus of our course, but of course we also cater to the guests' wishes. Will the yeast plait not turn out or what is the secret behind the crispy dough bubbles on the pizza? Frank brings a lot of experience from the bakery and gastronomy with him. His courses always create a unique event that is geared to the participants. All hobby cooks who are interested in cooking and baking in a wood-fired oven are welcome. Several ovens are always fired up so that different recipes can be prepared. During the cooking and baking, the atmosphere remains relaxed and informal; exchange and questions are the top priority. Included are of course non-alcoholic drinks, coffee, tea and of course the delicacies created. The dates: Event time: Saturdays from 10am - 2pm. Adress: La Bottega ToscanaIndustrial park Birkenhain 263589 LinsengerichtAlso available as a voucher for an individual appointment subject to availability!
Fontana protective cover for pizza ovens
Protective cover: Maestro 60 / Margherita / Ischia / Piero (without trolley)
Fontana protective cover Protective cover for Fontana ovens, available for various wood burning ovens from Fontana Forni, the covers are made of breathable materials and protect your wood burning oven. (Not available at the moment)  
Fontana protective cover for pizza ovens
Protective cover: Maestro 40
Fontana protective cover Protective cover for Fontana ovens, available for various wood burning ovens from Fontana Forni, the covers are made of breathable materials and protect your wood burning oven. (Not available at the moment)  

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