Bernardi My Miss Baker dough mixer in anthracite

Bernardi My Miss Baker dough mixer, 3kg, 250 watts, anthracite

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  • semiprofessional dough kneeder
  • 0.8 - 3kg dough volume in 10l vat
  • kneads perfect doughs from 0.5kg of flour
  • Made in Italy
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Art.Nr.: MY0323010A


My Miss Baker, the professional at home

My Miss Baker® is the smallest professional dough mixer in the world. The first dough mixer from Bernardi to be offered for home use. Bernardi is known worldwide for professional dough mixers in the craft and catering industries. 

The elegant My Miss Baker® dough kneading machine with patented dipping arm technology is in no way inferior to its professional siblings Miss Baker, Bernardi RS and Bernardi BT. It is the latest product in the Bernardi family and is built for demanding use in the home or semi-professional sector. It is more compact than its siblings. With a bowl capacity of 10l, it kneads 0.8 - 3kg of dough (equivalent to 0.5 - 1.8kg of flour). Perfect results are achieved within this range of values. This makes it compact in size and manageable in weight. 

It is undoubtedly a jewel in any kitchen, an eye-catcher and a faithful companion for any type of dough with higher or lower hydration. Its big siblings for professional use, Miss Baker, Miss Baker Pro and other gastronomic models, start at 4 kg dough volume and reach up to 48 kg dough volume. And it benefits from Bernardi's great experience with gastronomic dough mixers: the perfect mechanical tuning of the dough hooks with the patented diving arm system, the smooth running and the excellent workmanship. The My Miss Baker is designed for daily use at home. 

Patented dipping arm technology

The patented immersion arm technology is the secret of success of Bernardi dough mixers. Two dough hooks with different shapes knead the dough as if by hand. The advantage is obvious. The kneading machine does not fatigue, it kneads constantly even over a longer period of time. The movements are based on those of a human being. Due to the high-quality mechanism, no heat is generated, so that the dough can develop in peace.

The My Miss Baker is colourful. It is available in six cheerful colours that perfectly match any environment: sage, lime, red, white, pink and anthracite. 

With a fixed speed of 42 beats per minute, My Miss Baker® is easy to use and perfect for preparing base dough for bread, pizza, focaccia and shortbread. Thanks to its kneading method, My Miss Baker is suitable for doughs with medium to high hydration (up to 80%) and is ideal for approaching the world of yeast products simply and with excellent results. The model is single-stage.

The dough hooks are removable, while the bowl is fixed for safety. The immersion arm kneaders work perfectly with as little as 20% of the dough quantity! You can start with 0.5kg of flour and go up to 1.8kg of flour. This is enough for a pizza dough for up to 12 pizzas and corresponds to a dough quantity of 3kg. 


  • Apron
  • Microfibre towel to wipe the dough bowl
  • two dough scrapers, large and small
  • Operating and maintenance instructions


  • fixed mixing bowl
  • Removable dough hook for easy cleaning
  • microfibre cloth
  • power cable
  • instruction manual 


Color: Anthracite
Dough amount Bernardi: 3 kg
Kneading speed Bernardi: 42 strokes/min
Kneading steps Bernardi : 1 level
Outer dimension height (in cm): 48
Outer dimension length (in cm): 49
Outer dimension width (in cm): 34
Weight (in kg): 28
Leistung in Watt: 250 Watt

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