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Flue gas scrubber SMOKI Smoke and soot filter system for wood-fired pizza ovens and other... more
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Flue gas scrubber SMOKI

Smoke and soot filter system for wood-fired pizza ovens and other wood stoves.

The device is capable of removing all the particles of rusts that come out of the chimney and pollution, as well as reduce the risk of fire. The device is preferably used in the inner city area to avoid smoke nuisance of the neighbors. The filter system is based on the best raw material that nature offers, water. The water cleans the flue gases and will independently reused by the plant. With the installation of this system, the natural chimney draft is not restricted, there are no mechanical filters or other throttle parts inside the system.

Alternatively also available in larger versions and applicable as a fine dust filter for wood firing. For some years, the world of professional catering has increasingly discovered the extraordinary value of wood-fired ovens when it comes to offering guests dishes with an inimitable aroma.

For La Bottega Toscana, a wood burning stove is synonymous with tradition and genuine enjoyment, but of course, one is also aware of the need to solve the carbon black problem associated with this type of cooking. That's why we now offer a special soot reducer.

The soot reducer is a device that uses water-based cleaning to remove most of the soot that is contained in the flue gases released from wood stoves, fireplaces, coal barbecues, etc.

This advanced product has some special features:

  • completely automatic operation
  • Forced drain pump and automatic cleaning
  • vertical, self-draining rinse pump
  • Maintenance-free (the device does not require proper cleaning)
  • small amount of water inside the unit
  • extremely low consumption during operation
  • all electrical parts are inside the unit for greater safety (no visible components)
  • Absolutely leakproof all-stainless rinsing pump with external attachment to simplify any inspection
  • the unit can be installed outdoors even at low temperatures because it is absolutely leakproof and no water remains inside the unit at the end of the cycle
  • Adaptation to any type of oven (brick or prefabricated), fireplace etc. possible
  • numerous adjustment options for the mining capacity.

The model is also available as Smoki 200 with additional self-starting fan including engine

The "SMOKI JUNIOR" system is designed and built exclusively for flue gas cleaning and soot separation. The flue gases produced during the combustion of wood (for example, in ovens used in catering establishments such as pizzerias and restaurants) are filtered or cleaned. The "SMOKI JUNIOR" system can be installed in any flue (chimney) of a wood combustion system
and offers a reliable flue gas cleaning in the sense of the air pollution control regulations. Carefully selected materials ensure a long service life of the "SMOKI JUNIOR" system. As a natural filter medium, water is used in the "SMOKI JUNIOR" systems. Any other use than the above is considered improper and is inadmissible.

The soot is separated by washing the exhaust air. In this case, the exhaust air flows through a built-up of humidifying water mist. Dust particles and other water-soluble impurities (gases) contained in the exhaust air are separated off and the exhaust air is cooled down. The extracted exhaust air (smoke) is transported into a drum inside the unit. 9 cone-shaped humidification nozzles are integrated in this drum. The humidifying nozzles are used for water misting. The exhaust air flowing through is filtered and the separated, water-soluble pollutants are collected in a drip pan, which is then emptied via the sewer line. The cleaned and cooled exhaust air is released into the ambient air. The deposition and filtration process yields approximately the following result: 60-70% removal of dirt particles from the exhaust air and 40-50% elimination of water-soluble gases (reduction of odor nuisance).

The appliance is switched on via an automatic switch (max 10 A) placed near the oven or in the control box. The device itself has a circuit breaker (ON / OFF switch) and a high-level indicator light. Both are housed in a covered with a window flap control box.

All protection, safety and electrical controls comply with applicable regulations.

Maxi 300 smoke connection 300mm, air flow 2700m³ per hour

Maxi 400 smoke connection 400mm, air flow 4500m³ per hour

Maxi 500 smoke connection 500mm, air flow 6500m³ per hour

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