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Flue gas scrubber SMOKI Maxi-Grill Smoke and soot filter system for open grills in the... more
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Flue gas scrubber SMOKI Maxi-Grill

Smoke and soot filter system for open grills in the catering industry.

The Smoki Maxi Grill cleans the exhaust air of large open grills, as they are increasingly used in the catering industry. With the help of water, the exhaust air is cleaned, so that the environmental impact of wood and coal firing is minimized. Especially in cities and densely populated areas, the Smoki is the perfect partner for clean and odorless air and thus a smooth catering business.

With the patented high-pressure water nozzle arrangement and a special particle filter system, the smallest particles are permanently removed from the exhaust air. The fine dust, including soot and grease is thus reduced by 95%, odor is reduced by 50% in the standard version. The temperature of the outgoing steam is cooled to 38 degrees. If total odor neutralization is required, the Smoki Maxi Grill can be filled with a special liquid that reduces odors by 98%.

The Smoki Maxi-Grill can be integrated almost anywhere with a supply and waste water connection in the furnace system or connected externally. Whether inside or outside, on the ceiling or on the floor, the Smoki does its job cost-effectively, with low noise and low maintenance. To clean the Smoki system, a simple rinse of the water tank and the filter system is sufficient, no replacement of any parts is required.

This is how the Smoki Maxi Grill works:

The steam produced during cooking and grilling enters the exhaust system. It is passed through several high-pressure nozzles of the Smoki Maxi grill, these cool the steam and push the particles down into the water tank, where they drain directly as waste water. Soot, particles and fat are removed in this way. The remaining steam is passed through three further, ever finer filters, which absorb ever smaller particles and fat.

For La Bottega Toscana, a wood burning stove is synonymous with tradition and genuine enjoyment, but of course, one is also aware of the need to solve the soot problem associated with this type of cooking. That's why we now offer this special soot reducer.

This advanced product has some special features:

    completely automatic operation
    Forced drain pump and automatic cleaning
    vertical, self-draining rinse pump
    Maintenance-free (the device does not require proper cleaning)
    small amount of water inside the unit
    extremely low consumption during operation
    all electrical parts are inside the unit for greater safety (no visible components)
    Absolutely leakproof all-stainless rinsing pump with external attachment to simplify any inspection
    the unit can be installed outdoors even at low temperatures because it is absolutely leakproof and there is no water inside the unit at the end of the cycle
    Adaptation to any type of oven (brick or prefabricated), fireplace etc. possible
    numerous adjustment options for the mining capacity.

The model is also available as Smoki 200 with additional self-starting fan including engine

The device is switched on via an automatic switch (max 10 A) near the oven or in the control box. The device itself has a circuit breaker (ON / OFF switch) and a high-level indicator light. Both are housed in a covered with a window flap control box.

All protection, safety and electrical controls comply with applicable regulations.

The variants:

Maxi Grill 250 smoke connection 250mm, air flow 2000m³ per hour

Maxi Grill 350 Smoke connection 350mm, air flow 3000m³ per hour

Maxi Grill 400 smoke connection 400mm, air flow 6000m³ per hour

Maxi Grill 500 smoke connection 500mm, air flow 7500m³ per hour

Maxi Grill 600 smoke connection 600mm, air flow 11000m³ per hour

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