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Bernardi Miss Baker Pro: for private use and gastronomy The Bernardi Miss Baker Pro is a... more
Product information "Bernardi Miss Baker"

Bernardi Miss Baker Pro: for private use and gastronomy

The Bernardi Miss Baker Pro is a professional soft-dipping kneading machine designed for professional use in the hospitality industry, but is also very popular in private households due to its high performance. The device is characterized not only by its simple operation, but above all by its high stability and its high-quality workmanship. For example, up to 6 kilograms of dough can be processed in the Miss Baker Pro.

Effective work relief with the Bernardi Miss Baker Pro

Not every restaurant needs a lot of dough, which can be produced in the corresponding large appliances. For smaller quantities up to six kilograms, the Miss Baker Pro is the optimal choice. You save yourself the labor of making doughs for breads, pizzas or other creations by hand and, thanks to the high torque and the good guidance of the dough hooks, you will receive optimal and tasty doughs for your gastronomy. Thanks to the powerful motor, even very tough doughs are no problem for this device and can be easily handled. Just focus on the important parts of your job and let the Bernardi Miss Baker Pro do the work on the dough. This saves time and makes your kitchen more efficient.

Edit many different doughs with the Miss Baker Pro

Due to the powerful inverter motor and the adjustable speed between 25 and 65 strokes per minute you can produce many different variations and doughs with the device. Use the Bernardi Miss Baker Pro, for example, to refresh sourdough or to make puff pastry or pasta dough. Short pastry and dough for pizza, focaccia or croissants can also be quickly and easily produced with the Bernardi Miss Baker Pro. Thanks to the simple operation and the many adjustment options, you can set the machine exactly to the requirements of the dough and thus produce always the same and good results. If you bake your own bread in your restaurant or spoil your customers with focaccia or pizza, this dipping-arm kneading machine is the optimal choice for you.

Good reasons for the Miss Baker Pro

If you buy a Bernardi Miss Baker Pro for your catering or your private use, the device offers many advantages. A particular advantage over many other machines of this type is the powerful and extremely quiet and efficient motor. Especially in gastronomy, these factors play an important role and should be observed in any case. In addition, the kneading machine with its own weight of 30 kilograms is sufficiently heavy and stable enough to provide a firm footing even in a hectic kitchen environment and to be safely used even in hectic kitchen everyday life. The tub of the Bernardi Miss Baker Pro can be easily pulled forward and thus filled easily and quickly. The fixed guard also prevents accidents in the kitchen, when in hectic moments the kneading machine must be filled. Thus, the safety at work with the device in any case exists. Thanks to five different speeds, you can precisely adjust the performance of the kneading machine to the dough and the end product, thus achieving optimum results. Doughs from the Bernardi Miss Baker Pro are just as good as the hand-kneaded dough products.

This makes the Bernardi Miss Baker Pro so effective

There are many good reasons that speak for the kneading machine, including the following factors:

    Inverter-controlled five-speed arm movement system
    adjustable speed from 25 to 65 strokes per minute
    Vat volume of 10 or 20 liters
    low energy consumption
    Touch System Panel
    noiseless operation
    forward pull-out tub
    the possibility of processing between 0.5 and 6 kilograms of dough

Restaurateurs benefit from the Miss Baker Pro

If you regularly produce dough products in your restaurant and indulge your customers with special delicacies from the kitchen, you know how much work the dough production can bring. Especially in bad or inadequate machines, the production of doughs in the catering industry can be a real problem. With the Bernardi Miss Baker Pro you have a real professional device, which was developed by and with restaurateurs and is able to process a variety of dough types quickly and easily. Thanks to the principle of immersion-arm not only all ingredients are reliably mixed with each other, but the dough is kneaded professionally and comprehensively. Especially with sour and yeast doughs you will quickly notice the difference to a conventional kneading machine. In addition, the frame of the device is made of stainless steel and is therefore ideal for professional use. The fast and easy-to-use touch display allows exact operation of the kneading machine with just one finger even in hectic everyday kitchen life. So you can either produce fresh when needed or work quickly and efficiently during the preparation.

The Bernardi Miss Baker Pro is also ideal for home users

Of course, you do not have to be a restaurateur to benefit from the advantages of this appliance. If you like to bake a lot and above all to rely on high-quality equipment, this solution is the right choice for you. While many home-based offers have neither the high-end motorization nor the necessary stability to handle large volumes of dough on a regular basis, you can count on the Miss Baker. The device takes a great deal of work off of you, is easy to use and offers maximum working comfort combined with high performance.

Thanks to the protective grille, accidents at work can be effectively avoided, which is especially important in private households. Use the Bernardi Miss Baker Pro easily and conveniently and benefit from the comprehensive performance and the enormous stability. Such an acquisition will be able to satisfy you even in many years.

We are happy to advise you comprehensively

If you are interested in the Bernardi Miss Baker Pro or are interested in the XL version, we are happy to advise you. Contact us by phone or e-mail and find out more about our experts. Of course, we also operate the kneading machine in our show kitchen, so that you can also convince yourself of the Bernardi Miss Baker Pro. We are happy to answer your questions and show you the advantages of the various products. So you will find the right solution for your catering or for your private use and can benefit from the many advantages of the Bernardi Miss Baker Pro. Please contact us - we look forward to your inquiry!




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Customer evaluation for "Bernardi Miss Baker"
22 Jul 2020

Ganz große Klasse

Wir haben uns vor kurzem die Miss Baker in rot gekauft, wir hatten vorher schon viele Maschinen ausprobiert mit Spiralkneter kein vergleich Miss Baker knetet sagenhaft wir kneten damit Brote, Brötchen, Seelen, Kuchenteig egal welcher Teig wir darin kneten es gibt immer ein perfektes Ergebnis.
Ich kann diese Maschine mit sehr gutem gewissen weiter empfehlen, egal ob Gewerblich oder Hobbybäcker einfach nur Top.
Ganz lieben Dank....mille Grazie für diese tolle Maschine.

13 Mar 2019

Teigkneter mit tollen Ergebnissen...

Wir nutzen Semiprofessionell für zu Hause und im Betrieb den Taucharmkneter für Teige für Pizza, Brot und Panettone min. 3-4 mal täglich und die Ergebnisse sind hervorrangend, kein Vergleich zu einem normalen Spiralkneter….mille Grazie

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