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Product information Pizza Training 6 hours

Personalised cooking course not only for gastronomes

You are a gastronome and would like to deepen or expand your knowledge? Are you a passionate amateur chef who would like to improve your skills? Do you have questions about dough, fermentation or would you like to optimally prepare specialities in your oven? Perhaps you have questions about your gastronomic concept.

We offer you the solution: Our professional chef Filippo Licciardo will do a personalised online training with you, tailored exactly to your questions. He is Italian and a passionate chef. There is no question about pizza or True Italian Food that he cannot answer. Fili is a member of the German national pizza team and an absolute expert on pizza, especially Pizza Neapoletana, as it is prepared according to the strict rules of the AVPN.

The six-hour course takes place via Zoom directly from our tower. We have set up a studio there for our online training courses. A Valoriani Verace Napoletana with gas and wood firing is there as standard. However, individual stoves can also be added, such as an electric Izzo Forni, for example. The details of the course and the dates are arranged individually.

The course can be held in German, Italian.

As soon as the pandemic has subsided, the course will also be bookable on site.

Manufacturer "La Bottega Toscana"

Delicatessen gifts in the shop

La Bottega Toscana is our label for our Italian delicatessen creations, gift articles and our shop. For over 25 years we have been offering Italian delicatessen specialities in gift baskets and pottery in our shop. We can put together gifts to order, even in larger quantities, or directly on site in the shop. Our wine sales with wines from Italy include white wine, rosé, red wine, prosecco and spirits.

Baking and pizza courses

We also offer baking and pizza courses for hobby cooks and restaurateurs. Various pizza ovens, wood-fired ovens, baking houses, gas pizza ovens and professional electric pizza ovens are available for testing. The courses take place in presence in our show kitchen (where permitted) and also online. There is a "Basic" pizza course, a "Neapolitan Pizza" pizza course and individual pizza courses as a company event, to train a kitchen team or for a birthday with friends.

Pizza oven exhibition

In our pizza oven exhibition we show various pizza oven models of different manufacturers for private households on 400 m². Some of these ovens can be assembled by the customer as a kit or delivered pre-assembled. All of them can be integrated into outdoor kitchens, some are mobile pizza ovens that can be variably positioned on the terrace or balcony. A visit to our exhibition by appointment with personal advice will help you decide on an oven. 

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Valoriani Verace
Fuel type: gas | Internal diameter: 140
The Valoriani Verace is AVPN approved and approved for Neapolitan pizza. It can be operated with wood as well as with gas. That makes him flexible, fast and powerful. The special thing about Verace: Constant temperatures on the ground are the nuts and bolts of pizza baking. The Verace model achieves these consistently high temperatures with the 10-flame Spitfire blower gas burner from Milberg (DVGW tested). The Verace is the only oven with gas firing approved by the AVPN for Neapolitan Pizza. The specially developed insulation from Valoriani uses the properties thermal conductivity and insulation of the classic materials sand and salt. The advantages are the lower weight and easy installation. The bottom consists of food-safe and tested slightly open-pored Vollschamotte. This is similar to the Cotto Sorent and is ideally used for Neapolitan pizza. The patented "Recycling Heating System" (RHS) uses the smoke exiting at approx. 300 ° to 350 ° C and forwards it via a suction device to colder areas of the baking surface. Thus, the fireclay floor maintains its constant high temperature, even while the oven door is open for refilling or removing the food. In contrast to expensive auxiliary burners or electric heating coils, the RHS system offers many advantages: The operating temperature is reached faster than standard ovens, which saves up to 30 percent energy. The temperature is almost constant at all points of the baking surface, even after 100 pizzas.As a result, the quality of the baking results increases. Short baking times of 70 to 90 seconds are possible. The exiting smoke is cleaner as it passes through the interior of the oven several times at over 500 ° C before being released into the environment, burning many otherwise unburned particles. The result is an approximately 20 to 30 percent improvement in air quality that is released into the environment. The smoke can alternatively be disposed of via ventilation systems and extractor hoods in the model with gas firing, if no chimney is present. Dimensions: The model Verace is available with the internal dimensions 120 cm and 140 cm. Firing: wood or gas. Assembly and delivery: With appropriate delivery options, the oven can be delivered pre-assembled by us and completed by you. Optionally, it is also possible to build the oven directly on site (assembly time 1 to 2 days). Try the Verace with us! Our service for you: Arrange an appointment under +49 6051 67777 for test baking in our showroom near Frankfurt am Main. You bring your ingredients and dough and test how the oven behaves. In the meantime, we will be available for further questions and advice, but will also give you enough time to cook in peace.VALORIANI VERACE - an oven with an avantgarde technology, resulting from a century of experience from Valoriani its’ engineers in Associon with the Associacioon of the True Neapolitan Pizza. R.H.S.® ( Re-cycling Heatingng System) is the patent edsystem which allows the recovery and exploitation of the heat emissions by re-cycling at high temperature under the baking floor. Thanks to the RHS System the baking floor temperature remains uniform even in those. It uses a particular floor specifically designed and produced with refractor floor areas which are away from the heat source; the combustion is adjustable with very economical fuel consumptation. Moreover the quality of the air emissions into the atmosphere is superior when compared to the one of the normal ovens on the market, consequently more consistent with the strict regulations which apply in this regard. VALORIANI VERACE can not replace the skill and the gift of the pizzamaker, nor do we want to, but it will allow him to rise to the highest level his ability. 


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