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Steigende Energiepreise machen der ohnehin gebeutelten Gastronomie zu schaffen. Doch wie Energie sparen, die Qualität der Speisen halten und trotzdem gewinnbringend arbeiten, um auch diese Krise zu überstehen? Wir haben da zwei Ideen:

1. Prüfen Sie die Umrüstung Ihres Pizzaofens auf Holzbefeuerung

2. Eventuell bringt ein zweiter Ofen Einsparpotenzial und weitere Vorteile

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Valoriani Baby 75 cm wood
Valoriani Baby 75 cm: compact pizza oven for gastronomy and leisure. The Valoriani Baby is the latest oven from the production of the traditional manufacturer Valoriani and already convinced at its first presentation with the unique and modern design and high functionality. If you are looking for a wood-burning stove for smaller gastronomy or a gas stove of a special class, you will make the right choice with the Valoriani Baby! The large front opening of 36 cm x 21 cm offers good handling possibilities. Valoriani Baby: a professional in real brand quality With the Valoriani Baby you can choose a pizza oven of the absolute top class, which can be operated with wood as well as with gas. You can use the optionally available gas burner both manually and automatically and thus benefit from an extremely flexible use of the practical oven in the different areas of application. Thanks to the compact size and the very easy usability of the oven, it can convince both in indoor areas as well as in the outdoor kitchen all along the line. The excellent and very even heat distribution as well as the high proportion of fireclay allow to conjure up crispy, thin and wonderfully aromatic pizzas as well as other baked products from this oven. The tightly closing door ensures high temperature stability, so that the wood-fired oven can be used in the catering industry for various types of dishes. With the Valoriani Baby, we offer you a high-performance and, above all, high-quality solution that smaller catering businesses can easily incorporate into their kitchen planning. High quality wood oven for catering This wood-fired oven is ideal for small catering businesses and can also be used for food festivals or other presentations. Due to its high flexibility, the oven can be easily operated both outdoors with wood and indoors with gas. In addition, the oven also offers very high flexibility in other respects, as it can be used both as a mobile version on its own trolley, but also permanently installed as a tabletop solution. In addition, this model is a real eye-catcher, as the striking color scheme is available in Toscana red, as well as in white or black. So you will stand out with this noble pizza oven at any event to the visitors as well as in everyday catering with your customers. Whether private or gastronomy: gas oven for highest requirements Due to its compact design and excellent performance, this outdoor oven is also extremely popular with ambitious hobby chefs. This is because the gas oven clearly differs from the often poor competition in terms of its quality and usability. Thus, both the material of the dome and the bottom of the stove convinces with the high proportion of fireclay, which allows an enormous heat storage. In addition, the stainless steel arch of the Valoriani Baby is decoupled from the actual dome, so that thermal stresses cannot occur. Thus, warping of the stove is impossible, which ensures a long service life. Regardless of whether you want to use the wood-burning stove in the catering industry or in a private environment: It is designed for a long period of operation. Moreover, thanks to the powder-coated dome, high-quality paint and sturdy substructure, the stove can be stored outdoors in wind and weather, even without a separate cover. The Baby is constructed for the +450 degree high temperature range, guaranteeing fast baking times. Looking for more information about the Valoriani Baby? We are happy to help Just contact us if you want more information about the practical outdoor oven. We will convince you of the advantages that the Baby offers you as a hobby cook or restaurateur.In our exhibition you have the opportunity to look at the Baby at your leisure. So you can check the workmanship and material quality directly and get information from our staff about the different offers. We are looking forward to your inquiry! External dimensions : 96cm, weight about 250kg, power as gas variant 20KWIncluded with us 100cm stainless steel tube for wood variant and 50cm for gas variant and stainless steel cover, in the accessories are optional rollers and an extension of the front available under: Accessories Baby The gas variant contains DE screw connection, pressure reducer and gas hose (1m incl.), the already mounted burner at least 1th part of the base. In some cases, the Baby is already prepared in a free packaging in a wooden box for safe transport. These extra services are included with us without surcharge. Keep this in mind when making your decision. The undercarriage is usually also already attached to the device, so no lifting device is necessary. It is imperative to ensure that the stove is properly lit and allowed to dry out, especially with gas, protection against wind is required and attention must be paid to the correct setting parameters such as the length of the minimum and maximum flame, depending on the type of gas and quality of the gases, this must be observed during commissioning! More pictures:
Valoriani Baby 75 cm wood
Gasburner Spitfire Gold Millberg
Gas burner for gastronomic ovens The Millberg blown gas burner Spitfire GOLD is suitable for gastronomic oven models up to an inner diameter of 160 to 180 cm. It is a 10-flame forced-air gas burner that swirls the hot air inside the oven and thus achieves up to 50% better energy yield compared to conventional atmospheric burners with one or two nozzles. Ideally, the Spitfire is operated in a Valoriani GR, OT and Igloo series pizza oven and can also be retrofitted at any time. Efficient and economical: The Spitfire GOLD is the ideal blower gas burner for professional use. The exhaust gas values of the ovens improve considerably. The low gas consumption of the Spitfire is also a great advantage. Compared to conventional gas burners, the Spitfire requires only 50% of the gas needed by a standard burner. These excellent values are achieved by the automatic control and the automatic blower. The operating costs are a maximum of 1 euro per hour. Operating temperatures of up to 600 degrees are possible with the Spitfire. It has been tested and approved by DVGW and AVPN for original Neapolitan pizza. Indoors, the Spitfire can be operated with natural or liquid gas. Installation takes only 1 to 2 hours.
Gasburner Spitfire Gold Millberg
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Valoriani Igloo
Technology in the service of the taste, the Valoriani Igloo More than 100 years of experience, a lot of technical know-how and a passionate ingenuity can be found in the design of the model Igloo, the first and only breathable oven with special evaporation.The main insulation vault of the furnace is lined with Valtex, an innovative, breathable mortar. It consists of a mixture of macroporous silicates, which are able to release the moisture produced during baking to the outside. As a result, the heat generated by the fuel is fully used for heating the furnace interior and ensures a constant temperature, especially of the soil for hours.Like all Valoriani ovens, the Igloo is equipped with a baking surface made of fireproof bricks, made of the best Italian and foreign chamottes and tested in a food-safe way. Its high heat output, the breathability of the material and its excellent properties as a heat storage allow a perfect and uniform baking from all sides. The advantages at a glance: Economic use of fuel, higher power, more constant temperature and last but not least its special technology ensure unique culinary delights. Also available with gas firing and 10-flame blower gas burner DVGW approved. The data:     Running costs approx. 1 Euro / hour with gas and about 2 square meters of wood per month (about 200 euros with 250 hours of operation)     Baking times approx. 90 seconds at 500 degrees and 180 seconds at 320 degrees     Tested and approved according to DIN 13229 resp. Gas Appliance Directive     This wood oven is suitable for the gastronomic endurance brand.     According to Directive 84/500 / EEC approved by the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment.     Furnace is supplied assembled, ground-level door is required for installation, optional installation in the local is possible. Measurements: Internal dimensions 100 cm, 120 cm, 140 cm, 160 cm, 180 cm, 140 x 160 cm, 140 x 180 cm Firing: wood and gas Assembly and delivery: The delivery of the pre-assembled furnace is made by freight carrier. An assembly by our experts is possible on request (assembly time about 1 to 2 days). Test the Vesuvio Igloo: You have the opportunity to test the stove in our exhibition. We have installed a model and will be happy to provide you with the stove by personal appointment on +49 6051 67777 for a few hours with wood or gas firing for sample cooking and baking. Do not hesitate to call us. The quality of the Igloo will convince you! Hire purchase / lease: on request .  
Wood- gaspizzaoven Valoriani Igloo

Pizzaofen auf Holzbetrieb umrüsten

An erster Stelle unserer Kundenanfragen steht die Umrüstung auf Holzbefeuerung. Holzbefeuerung ist nicht nur die natürlichste Art einen Pizzaofen bzw. Holzbackofen zu befeuern, sondern mittelfristig unter Umständen auch eine kostengünstige Alternative. Holz ist ein nachwachsender regional zu beschaffender Rohstoff, der zwar auch teurere geworden ist, aber uns unabhängig macht von der weltpolitischen Lage. Viele Gasbacköfen sind problemlos umrüstbar. 

Eine andere Option ist auch, die Anschaffung eines professionellen mobilen Holzbackofens zu erwägen. Immer unter der Voraussetzung, dass ein funktionsfähiger Kamin in der Küche vorhanden ist. Ein zweiter Holzbackofen bringt mehrere Vorteile mit sich: An schwächeren Tagen reicht es mit wenig Holz einen kleineren Ofen zu befeuern statt den großen Gaspizzaofen anzuwerfen. An starken Tagen mit vollem Haus erweitern Sie ihre Kapazität. Wir empfehlen für diesen Zweck unseren Valoriani Baby, der ein professioneller Holzbackofen aus dem Hause Valoriani ist und bis zu 500 Grad aufgeheizt werden kann. Dadurch verkürzt sich die Backzeit einer Pizza auf 90 Sekunden, was zu einem hohen Durchsatz führt.

Altbewährt: Pizzaofen mit Gas in der Gastronomie

Aus den Zeiten vor der aktuellen Energiekrise ist uns die Umrüstung von Pizzaöfen und Holzbacköfen in der Gastronomie hin zu Gas bekannt. Gas ist unkompliziert in der Handhabung, beansprucht wenig Platz, es genügt eine Abzugshaube in der Küche und es kann einen Pizzaofen ebenfalls auf bis zu 500 Grad aufheizen wie Holz auch. Ein Holzbackofen lässt sich mit wenig Aufwand auf Gas umrüsten. Sie erwerben lediglich einen Gasbrenner passend zur Größe Ihres Ofens bei uns, bohren das Loch für den Brenner in den Ofenboden und lassen den Gasbrenner von einem Gasfachmann professionell anschließen.


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