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  • excellent performance
  • easy installation in a short time
  • significantly less environmental impact
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Product information Smoki Smoke scrubber Maxi BBQ

Flue gas scrubber SMOKI Maxi-Grill

Smoke and soot filter system for open grills in the catering industry.

The Smoki Maxi Grill cleans the exhaust air of large open grills, as they are increasingly used in the catering industry. With the help of water, the exhaust air is cleaned, so that the environmental impact of wood and coal firing is minimized. Especially in cities and densely populated areas, the Smoki is the perfect partner for clean and odorless air and thus a smooth catering business.

With the patented high-pressure water nozzle arrangement and a special particle filter system, the smallest particles are permanently removed from the exhaust air. The fine dust, including soot and grease is thus reduced by 95%, odor is reduced by 50% in the standard version. The temperature of the outgoing steam is cooled to 38 degrees. If total odor neutralization is required, the Smoki Maxi Grill can be filled with a special liquid that reduces odors by 98%.

The Smoki Maxi-Grill can be integrated almost anywhere with a supply and waste water connection in the furnace system or connected externally. Whether inside or outside, on the ceiling or on the floor, the Smoki does its job cost-effectively, with low noise and low maintenance. To clean the Smoki system, a simple rinse of the water tank and the filter system is sufficient, no replacement of any parts is required.

This is how the Smoki Maxi Grill works:

The steam produced during cooking and grilling enters the exhaust system. It is passed through several high-pressure nozzles of the Smoki Maxi grill, these cool the steam and push the particles down into the water tank, where they drain directly as waste water. Soot, particles and fat are removed in this way. The remaining steam is passed through three further, ever finer filters, which absorb ever smaller particles and fat.

For La Bottega Toscana, a wood burning stove is synonymous with tradition and genuine enjoyment, but of course, one is also aware of the need to solve the soot problem associated with this type of cooking. That's why we now offer this special soot reducer.

This advanced product has some special features:

  • completely automatic operation
  • pump for forced drainage and automatic cleaning
  • vertical, self-cleaning flushing pump
  • maintenance-free (the device does not require proper cleaning)
  • small amount of water inside the device
  • extremely low consumption during operation
  • all electrical parts are located inside the unit for greater safety (no visible components)
  • absolutely tight, all-stainless steel rinsing pump with external mounting to facilitate possible inspection
  • the unit can be placed outdoors even at low temperatures, as it is absolutely tight and no water remains inside the unit at the end of the cycle
  • adaptable to any type of furnace (brick or prefabricated), fireplace, etc.
  • numerous possibilities of adjustment of the degradation capacity.

The variants:

Maxi Grill 250 smoke connection 250mm, air flow 2000m³ per hour

Maxi Grill 350 Smoke connection 350mm, air flow 3000m³ per hour

Maxi Grill 400 smoke connection 400mm, air flow 6000m³ per hour

Maxi Grill 500 smoke connection 500mm, air flow 7500m³ per hour

Maxi Grill 600 smoke connection 600mm, air flow 11000m³ per hour


Lautstärke dB: 69
Luftdurchzug ccm/h: 3000
Outer dimension height (in cm): 91
Outer dimension length (in cm): 85
Outer dimension width (in cm): 110
Pumpe kW+ A: 0,67kW 4,4A
Smoki smoke connection: 350 mm
Wassertank L: 135
Wasserverbrauch L/h: 40
Weight (in kg): 176

Videos about Smoki Smoke scrubber Maxi BBQ

Manufacturer "Smoki s.r.l."

Flue gas scrubbers in gastronomy and for private persons

The Smoki flue gas scrubbers for the various wood stoves were first developed in 1994 and quickly became one of the best and most popular products on the market. In the meantime, the various products have become extremely popular both in the catering trade and among private users. We present the latest solutions from this range to our customers.

Smoki: the smoke and soot filter system for many applications

The modern soot reduction system for the catering trade and for private users has been continuously developed and improved since its first planning in order to meet the high requirements of customers and users. In addition, there are many different imitators on the market who, however, cannot achieve the ease of use and high efficiency of flue gas cleaning. Accordingly, most restaurateurs and many private users still opt for the original with its high-quality materials, excellent workmanship and ease of use. Smoki sets the highest performance and quality standards in this segment and is therefore extremely popular in the catering sector.

Flue gas cleaning for the catering trade

In gastronomy, it is imperative that the various flue gases are optimally cleaned before they can be returned to nature. The Smoki smoke and soot filter system meets all legal requirements and convinces in practical use with its small footprint and simple operation. In addition, the units are easy to maintain and clean, minimising the risk of failure. These are all important points for the professional catering trade, which is dependent on comprehensive flue gas cleaning. In addition, the systems are very easy to monitor and control, so that nothing stands in the way of use in the professional kitchen. Private individuals benefit from the ease of use, so that the various wood-burning ovens and pizza ovens can also be used indoors. Absolutely safe and compliant with all applicable regulations, these solutions are among the best on the market!

Smoki srl for catering needs: optimised and popular solutions

Smoki srl is one of the world market leaders in the field of smoke and soot filter systems and is convincing with its comprehensive services. These include not only the design and installation of the various in-house systems, but also their maintenance. The service portfolio includes the installation of stainless steel, copper or painted fireplaces, the construction and maintenance of cooker hoods and ventilation units and, of course, the various smoke filters in various designs. The company has not only specialised in the field of gastronomy and catering supplies, but also offers suitable solutions for private customers in a wide range of sizes and sizes. All systems and solutions are always developed and installed in direct compliance with the regulations in force, so that the various devices can be installed without any problems.

Different Smoki variants at a glance

It is important that you find the right smoke and soot filter systems for your needs. For this reason, the Smoki product range is comprehensively structured and can therefore be easily adapted to the corresponding requirements. In our range we show you the different options which have been adapted exactly to the requirements of our wood stoves. So you can always use the right and appropriately dimensioned smoke and soot filter system both privately and in the catering trade and profit from its performance.

Smoki and Smoki Junior in detail

These two variants have been developed for use on wood-fired pizza ovens and offer different dimensions. Thus, these flue gas scrubbers can be perfectly combined with the various pizza ovens from our range. The effective smoke filter systems are water-based and allow the pollutants to be removed quickly, easily and above all with uncomplicated cleaning. Easy access, efficient cleaning and above all the tried and tested handles for using the gas scrubbers characterise these products in everyday life in the catering trade.

Smoki Maxi: designed for bread ovens

If you use a wood-burning oven in your company or privately to bake bread, not only the company changes, but also the composition of the exhaust fumes. The Maxi version of Smoki also provides you with a suitable flue gas scrubber for this application, which can also be easily combined with the various ovens. 

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Murat Öezdemir

Sehr gut die Maschine

Wir sind seit 3 Jahren sehr zufrieden mit der Reinigungsanlage für Grill

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