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  • 5 speed settings (35 or 65 beats per minute).
  • Kneading capacity of 12 kg, 24 kg, 48 kg
  • Kneads all doughs, even with high hydration or large amounts of yeast
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BT Kneading capacity

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Art.Nr.: BernardiBT48

Product information Bernardi BT

Professional kneading machine bakeries and confectioneries

Bernardi's BT kneading machines are professional kneading machines for use in bakeries and pastry shops. Thanks to inverters, the Bernardi BT can be operated at five speeds between 35 and 65 beats per minute and is therefore capable of kneading any type of dough. The patented immersion arm technology imitates the human kneading movement almost perfectly, so that the dough can be kneaded constantly at different intensities over a long period of time. The consistency of the dough benefits most from this. The specially shaped dough hooks minimise friction during the kneading process and the dough does not heat up during kneading. This protects the yeast and gives the dough optimum quality.

With the Bernardi BTs, all dough forms can be kneaded effortlessly, light doughs for pizza and bread, medium-heavy doughs such as short pastry and also heavy doughs with high hydration such as panettone and/or with large amounts of yeast. The BT is available in four kneading capacities up to 12 kg, 24 kg, 48 kg and 60 kg dough. The kneading utensils are very easy to remove and clean. The control panel has a touch system. An emergency stop system with double channel is also integrated and ensures safety. The high dead weight of the Bernardi gives it stability and the high-performance induction motor ensures constantly powerful kneading results. The latest generation of Bernardi BTs can be controlled via Bluetooth using a specially developed "MixDrive" app and enables smart communication via iOS and Android.

The design of Bernardi's diving arm kneaders is timelessly modern and very straightforward. They blend into any environment optically effortlessly and do not have to hide. The space requirement of the Bernardi BTs diving arm kneading machine is limited to a minimum, it finds place in every professional kitchen or bakery. The powerful induction motor provides high torque and quiet operation. The Bernardi BTs kneading machines require a three-phase 400 volt power supply. On request, the smaller machines can also be ordered with a standard connection (230 V, single-phase). Only the Bernardi BTs 60 requires a three-phase connection.

Details Bernardi BTs at a glance:

  • 5 speed settings (35 or 65 beats per minute)
  • Kneading capacity 12 kg, 24 kg, 48 kg, 60 kg
  • kneads all doughs, even with high hydration or large yeast quantities
  • Kneading utensils can be removed for cleaning
  • induction motor
  • 400 Volt, three-phase
  • Emergency shutdown system with double channel ("Safety Torque Off")
  • touch control panel
Perfectly suited for gluten-free doughs

Bernardi experimented with gluten-free doughs in its Bakery Lab in Italy. The results were excellent. The dipping arm technique is just as suitable for gluten-free doughs as for conventional doughs. Of course, as always when working with doughs, it depends on the experience in, handling doughs. Professionals around Bernardi have achieved up to 100% hydration.g

The Bernardi Company

Quality and tradition have been Bernardi's top priorities for 35 years. As a young boy, company founder Elvio Bernardi observed the advantages of immersion mixers for yeast dough and, as a young man, made his own model, which was very soon reproduced. Today Bernardi is run by the second generation and is dedicated to the perfection and aesthetics of his dough mixers. Bernardi is the absolute leader in the field of gastronomic dough kneading machines and now dares to take the leap towards "Smarter Technology" control.

Bernardi Bakery Lab

Bernardi has set up a baking laboratory at its headquarters in Cuneo/Italy. Here caterers and chefs can deepen their knowledge of dough production and familiarise themselves with the professional dough kneading machines.


  • fixed mixing bowl
  • Removable dough hook for easy cleaning
  • microfibre cloth
  • power cable
  • instruction manual 


Color Bernardi: White
Dough amount Bernardi: 48 kg
Kneading speed Bernardi: 35 to 65 strokes/min
Kneading steps Bernardi : 5 level
Outer dimension height (in cm): 96
Outer dimension length (in cm): 79
Outer dimension width (in cm): 53
Weight (in kg): 154
Leistung in Watt: 1500 Watt

Videos about Bernardi BT

Manufacturer "Bernardi Mixers"

Bernardi: patented dough kneading machine for professional use

Are you still looking for a professional dough kneading machine for your catering business, which is able to meet even the highest requirements and convinces by its quality? Then the patented dough kneading machine from Bernardi is the right choice for you. It offers gastronomy quality with easy operation and the highest possible hygiene.

The Bernardi company and its history

For about 30 years, the Bernardi company has distinguished itself as a manufacturer of high-quality and patented dough kneading machines. Particularly in focus is the so-called immersion arm kneader, which represents the best possible technology for the production of the various yeast doughs. The first version of this kneading machine was developed by the founder Elvio Bernardi himself, initially for his own use. However, after he realized how well the machine could be used to make the various products, the device was patented and has been improved and optimized over the past decades. Today, you benefit from this inventiveness.

The right dough determines the taste

Experienced caterers and bakers know that the right dough guidance contributes as much to the taste as the individual ingredients. Resting times and possibly flavored predough are just as important as feeding the dough and working it. There is no machine that can do all these steps for you. But Bernardi's patented dough kneading machine can provide you with comprehensive support for these tasks, saving you a lot of time and energy. So you can produce and process the various doughs entirely according to your ideas, and let the machine do the power-consuming work for you. Enjoy the efficiency and benefit from the working time thus available.

The dough must be kneaded optimally and for a long time

A good dough is not simply ingredients mixed together. Many processes in a dough only become active through movement, temperature or the addition of oxygen. For this reason, various doughs, for example for pizza or also for particularly high-quality and tasty bread, must be kneaded and moved over a long period of time. By hand, this is almost an impossibility in the catering industry. The powerful kneading machine from Bernardi, on the other hand, takes over these tasks and in the desired strength and duration, so you can quickly achieve perfect results. Rely on the highest possible quality in the processing of the various types of dough and choose a dough mixer of the best quality.

Perfect pizza and delicious breads thanks to the powerful immersion arm mixer

Almost every gastronome knows recipes that have been passed down with their secrets from generation to generation and always only carefully refined and improved. Often, in recipes with dough, the treatment of the individual ingredients and components and their mixing is an important aspect of production. This may still be possible by hand for small volumes of customers, but as the catering industry grows, it becomes very time-consuming. For this reason, rely on the patented dough kneading machine from Bernardi, which relieves you of much of this work. You can hardly knead a dough so evenly and comprehensively during operation.

With the dough kneader from Bernardi to the optimal result

Kneading a dough correctly is often hard work. Especially with many different recipes and the associated dough types, this can quickly become a problem in the catering industry. However, many normal kneading machines on the market are not able to really knead the ingredients together, but only mix them. The patented dough kneading machine from Bernardi, on the other hand, convinces as an immersion arm kneader through the truly comprehensive and professional treatment of the dough and the associated, optimal results. Once you have used the high-quality immersion arm kneader, you will not want to go back to conventional kneading machines from other manufacturers. The proven Bernardi quality is noticeable in every dough and in every end product and will also be accepted by your guests with great pleasure. Convince yourself and test the dough kneader from Bernardi in your company - you will be thrilled.

The right kneading machine for every gastronomy

The Bernardi company has developed many different kneading machines throughout its history and has continued to refine them. In addition to the solutions developed both for home use and for the catering industry, in our range you will find dough kneaders for professional use, which are characterized, among other things, by their very high capacity and, above all, by the quality of the products thus obtained. The ingredients are thoroughly and completely mixed and kneaded into an elastic and malleable dough, which you can then process further. Whether bread, pizzas or other pasta: With the right kneading machine for the catering industry, you benefit from hygiene and efficiency in your work.

Benefit from our products for catering supplies

The combination of modern technology with traditional manufacturing is particularly important in many areas of gastronomy. For this reason, we offer our customers only high-quality and extensively tested products from the catering supplies sector, which have been developed and enhanced for the high demands of gastronomic use. If you decide to buy a Bernardi kneading machine or other high-quality products from our range, you will not only receive comprehensive advice and, of course, fast and reliable delivery, but you can also always come back to us if you have any questions or problems. We want to accompany our customers carefully and permanently and thus ensure their satisfaction with our assortment in the area of catering supplies. In this way, you benefit effectively and in the long term from the desired product, such as an immersion arm mixer.

Comprehensive advice on Bernardi products

You are still unsure which of the Bernardi products suits your company and your gastronomy, and whether these dough mixers can be optimally integrated into your daily work routine? Then simply contact us in writing or by telephone. We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on the various possibilities and options and to assist you in an advisory capacity. After all, it is not always easy to find the right solution in catering supplies. We are at your side with our experience and knowledge and offer comprehensive advice on all products in our range. Whether you are opening your first restaurant or need a modern solution for your restaurant or bakery: With the products from Bernardi you decide for high quality with a long tradition. We are looking forward to your inquiry!

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