Ceramic fiber wool



  • Biosoluble ceramic fibre
  • Heat resistant up to 1300 degrees
  • Perfect insulation for wood and stone ovens
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Ceramic fiber

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Product information Ceramic fiber wool

Valoriani ceramic fiber wool

High quality biosoluble ceramic fiber Insulfrax on rolls (7,32m/0,61m)

Total quantity per roll approx. 4.46 QM in 64 density and 25mm thickness this lays directly double-layered on the dome as the first insulation layer.

Heat resistant up to 1300 degrees. This ceramic fiber is perfect to ensure long service life for wood-burning stone ovens, because of the perfect heat insulation, slow cooling of the dome parts.

For the dome, it is important that the material cools down as slowly as possible, otherwise stresses occur and lead to cracking.

The material is suitable for continuous operation and has the advantage that even through moisture and extreme temperature differences it does not lose its insulating properties after a few years as, for example, simple rock wool.

Furthermore, a space saving is given due to only half the thickness as rock wool or fiberglass with the same insulation.

Required and recommended quantity with additional 2nd Vermucilite backfill: 
80cm to 120cm inner diameter of the dome = 1 roll approx. 4,46qm
from 125cm to 140cm inner diameter = 2 rolls

In case of direct plastering on the ceramic fiber with the help of a wire mesh, it is recommended to double the above mentioned quantity (in case of round dome - penultimate picture on the attachment) Price is for complete roll 4,46 sqm of ceramic fiber.

 User information

  • The health, safety, and environmental properties of the product, including potential health hazards, handling precautions, and emergency procedures are described in a Material Safety Data Sheet. 

Read this data sheet carefully before handling, storing or using the product.


Manufacturer "Valoriani Forni"

The history of “Fornace Valoriani” since 1890

A great artisan known all over the world. VALORIANI is history, quality and value. It’s HISTORY, for the business passed on five generations, each of which has been able to face and cleverly overcome the challenges of its own time, thanks to innovation and
attention to new publics’ needs. Territory and tradition: these are the characterizing elements of REFRATTARI VALORIANI Srl. The success of the company, located in Reggello (Florence), is rooted at the end of the XIX century in the Florentine area of Figline Valdarno. Here, in his own factory, the forefather of the VALORIANI’s family, Pietro, produced jars, vases and bricks made of refractory cotto. To improve the production, Gino Valoriani, the grandfather of the current owners Massimo and Valeriano, decided to move the factory to a rich clayish area located in Reggello, 20 kms away from Florence. It’s 1940 and the war was coming.

During reconstruction times, Valoriani company was out in front to help the nation restoring itself. Valoriani’s bricks were essential to build thousands of ovens necessary to bake bread in the new built houses. Then comes the watershed; Silvio Valoriani, Gino’s son, had the eureka moment: “Why don’t we build our own ovens?”. Easier said then done. He designed and built the FIRST PRE-BUILT WOOD FIRED OVEN, taking advantage of the secular experience of his family in the choice of raw materials and defining the structural design of the vault, perfect in all of its proportions, to such an extent that even today it is unchanged.In response to the great request of its products, Valoriani created its own commercial and distribution network: Alfa Refrattari, regarding the Centre/South Italy, in the 80’s sold to the current owners. During the 60’s, Valoriani came to another turning point.

Italians’ eating habits were changing, mainly because of the increased disposable income, thus Valoriani decided to create a set of pre-built wood fired ovens, called Vesuvio, addressed exclusively to professional users. Our company seems to be the only one which
produces internally the refractory both for the vault and the baking floor, with no need to adapt to what is available on the market. We receive daily marks of respect from trade associations, corporations and especially from the tens of thousands of pizza places that work every single day with our ovens.


In the USA our professional ovens have the ETL Certification Mark, in Great Britain are approved from the CLEAN AIR 2005 No. 2304,
in Italy from UNI 10474: in 1995 from IMQ, from the CEE 84/500, from PH laboratory. Moreover our wood fire ovens have been the first,
while our gas ovens are the only one, to be approved from the AVPN (ASSOCIAZIONE VERACE PIZZA NAPOLETANA) for the baking of Neapolitan pizza.

Today, Valoriani in the World

Today the company is run by Massimo Valoriani, with the help of 25 co-workers and more than 300.000 ovens (both domestic and professional) sold. We think to be a benchmark for our experience, quality and reputation. Thanks to our models: GR, OT, IGLOO, VERACE and the new FORNOGRILL; we cover both the domestic and international market and we are well-known at an international level. Valoriani’s oven can indeed be found from Italy to Europe, the United States, Australia and Asian countries. Many other companies have tried to copy our ovens, we take that as a compliment, even if VALORIANI ovens are and will always be the one and only ORIGINALS.

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Erwin Marx

Isolation für den Holzbackofen

Perfekte Isolation für unseren Outdoorofen !

Jürgen Trageser

Haben meinen alten Pizzaofen zusätzlich isoliert und eine sehr gute isolation erhalten !


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